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PCL Nursing Admission Open at Green Tara College of Health Sciences

Admission 18 Oct 2022 6784 0

PCL Nursing Admission Open at Green Tara College of Health Sciences-1

PCL Nursing Admission Open at Green Tara College of Health Sciences: Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Office of Control of Examinations (OCE), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Very important notice regarding applying for admission from the candidates who are on the pass list in the certificate level nursing program for the academic semester 2079/080

Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), according to the letter dated Ashoj 28, 2079 from the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) for the academic session 2079/080 for conducting the certificate level nursing program, the examination in the specified quota except for the classified (free) scholarship in the schools of the approved list. According to the information published in the Gorkhapatra Rashtriya Daily and from the Control Office dated 2079 Shrawan 12, 2079 Shrawan 27, and 22nd of Bhadra 2079, all those who have participated in the entrance exam for certificate level nursing with full fee and online entry in ITMS. Since the students of the province have to be selected from among the candidates in the pass list (Alternative/Cut off/Pass list) of the same quota in the full fee target category, TSLC (ANM), male nursing, and full fee open quota, based on the merit order of the marks obtained in the entrance examination; This notice has been published for the information of all concerned to register the application by attaching the copy of admit card and the result sheet placed on the website of CTEVT at the concerned educational institution or CTEVT Bagmati provincial office within the office hours of 2079 Kartik 06th.

Instructions regarding the admission process:

1) Only candidates who have been recommended for admission to the same program in other provinces across the country and are on the pass list (Alternative/Cut off/Pass List) will be eligible to study toward the certificate-level nursing program. Candidates who have been recommended by other schools as the main candidates for the certificate-level nursing program will not be included in this admission program. If such candidates are found to be admitted, the admission will be canceled.

2) If there are no full-fee candidates in the full-fee quotas and the quota remains vacant, only the candidates who are in the pass list of classified (free) scholarships can be admitted in the order of merit.

3) After collecting the applications registered within the office hours of Kartik 06, 2079, prepare a list of the candidates in Microsoft Excel Sheet along with the receipt of the recommendation for the entrance examination and submit it to the Bagmati Provincial Office of the Council on the next day after the deadline for the application, along with the bank voucher of the amount paid for the advertisement fee.

4) According to the guidelines related to admission 2079, after allocating the quotas of the full fee side and selecting the main and pass list, Parishad Bagmati provincial office will publish the admission recommendation and results.

5) In the case of classified (free) scholarship quota, the Bagmati state office of the Council will recommend and recommend as the main examinee from among the alternative/pass-listed candidates of the class quota in the nursing program of Bagmati province taken on 18 Bhadra 2079 for the academic session 2079/080.

6) No fee will be charged when the candidate submits an application to the concerned school. A copy of the admit card with the photo of the candidate, a printout of the result in the pass list of the candidate published on the website, a copy of the educational qualification of SEE/SLC or technical SLC, and the candidate's application along with the candidate's application should be registered in the original registration book of the school. No action will be taken on the application of the examinees whose application is not registered within the specified time.


Name of Institution: Green tara College of Health Sciences, Saibu-4, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur

Phone: +977-1-5592644, +977-1-6208305

PCL Level Nursing - 40 Seats

Course PCL Nursing
Total Quota 40
Classified Scholarship Quota 3
Genedar (Meretious) Scholarship Quota 1
TSLC ANM Quota 4
Male Nursing Quota 6
Full Fee Paying Target Quota 4
Full Fee Paying Open Quota 22

(Notice published date 2079-06-31)

PCL Level Admission Open CTEVT Lalitpur

Green Tara College of Health Science

Bhaisepati, Lalitpur

Estd. 2003