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Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology (GPAST) Internship Opportunity

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Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology (GPAST)

As per the approved annual program of Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology (GPAST) for the current fiscal year 207/080, there is an internship (study/survey/research) program in the field of science and technology; Students who are studying in an educational institution where science and technology subjects are taught (at least in the fourth year of graduation in the relevant subject and who have completed the study according to Curriculum and are waiting for the results) or students who have not completed 2 years of graduation, a maximum of 6 months internship will be provided. This notification has been published to submit the application to this establishment within 10 (ten) days from the date of occurrence.

Vacancy Details:

Internship Details:

Area of Internship Area of Scholarship
IT Computer Engineering or equivalent
Laboratory Chemistry-Biology-related subjects (Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, BMLT, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or equivalent)
Science Policy Open to all science and technology-related subjects
Scientific Writing Open to all science and technology-related subjects 

Documents to be attached with the application:

(a) Copy of certificate of Nepalese citizenship – one copy.

(b) Certificate of educational qualification and profit letter.

(c) Letter of recommendation from the study institution.

(d) Students must disclose only one of the required subject areas in which they wish to work.

(e) Motivation Letter (Max 1 Page)

(f) Permanent residence documents (citizenship/immigration/marriage registration certificate or other permanent address documents) should be prepared and sent as a single file in order of the above documents.

The arrangements regarding the selection of the applications received and the service facility will be in accordance with the approved 'Intern Selection Criteria, 2078'.

Website of the institution after the application date for interview and other information related to selection

It will be published at

For more information, you can contact [email protected]

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