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TSC Prepares to Open Vacancy Advertisement of 17227 Teachers

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Teachers Service Commission of Nepal

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is preparing to open vacancy advertisements to fulfill the vacancies. The Commission has stated that the promotion and new appointment process of community school teachers will be made by making an annual calendar with the amendment of the Teachers Service Commission regulations.

The TSC has been without an official for almost a year and the teaching license, filling of permanent teachers, and promotion of working teachers have been stopped. Even though officials were appointed to the commission two months ago, the promotion and appointment process had not progressed due to the absence of the Education Minister. Education Minister has just been appointed. The Minister of Education is preparing to bring the proposal to amend the rules to the Council of Ministers. After the amendment of the rules of TSC, permanent teacher appointments and license examinations will be conducted by making an annual calendar.

According to the Education and Human Resource Development Center, there are 17,227 vacancies in community schools across the country. There are required permanent teachers 1,547 at the secondary level, 2,595 at the lower secondary level, and 13,085 at the primary level. Most of the vacancies for science, English, and Nepali teachers are vacant. The promotion of 3391 teachers is in process. The task force had submitted a report to the government two years ago that there was a shortage of 58,000 teachers in community schools. The Center has requested TSC to fill the vacancies.

Even though a proposal was sent six months ago to amend the Teachers Service Commission regulations, the cabinet could not reach a decision. The government is preparing to bring the proposal to amend the rules to the Council of Ministers again.

More than 700,000 students have licenses. The last license examination was conducted in the fiscal year 2075/076 BS. Some students, on the other hand, have stressed the need to be allowed to compete for permanent appointments only after conducting license examinations as they are preparing to become teachers after completing their studies. Only after passing the license exam can one compete in the permanent teacher exam. For that, one should have studied in the faculty of education.

In Mathematics, Science, English, Accounting, Computer, Civil / Electrical Engineering, Animal Husbandry, or Plant Science subjects of secondary level, one can participate in the license examination even if one does not have 10 months of training of education faculty or one year BEd equivalent.

But the condition is that the teacher should be qualified for BEd or 10 months of training within 5 years of appointment. Such an arrangement has been made as there will be less competition in these subjects.

The last advertisement for the permanent teacher post was made in the fiscal year 2074/07. At that time, 9,956 teachers at the primary level, 1,574 at the lower secondary level, and 1,097 at the secondary level had passed the commission examination and became permanent.

As soon as they were appointed through open competition, 14,270 teachers were made permanent through internal competition. There is an acute shortage of subject teachers in community schools due to low vacancies. As there is no vacancy in vacancies after automatic retirement, the school has been appointing teachers on a contract basis. The government has also taken the policy of deploying volunteer teachers to fill the shortage. Although the government has started matching teacher posts, it has not been effective.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC)

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