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Bheri Technical School (BTS) is a renowned technical school located in Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City, Banke, Nepal. It is a constituent school of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), established on July 9, 1993 AD (2050 Asadh 25 B.S.). BTS is approximately 18 KM south of Kohalpur, connected by a well-maintained road network, and only 8 KM away from Nepalgunj Airport, making it easily accessible by air.

BTS: Courses and Programs

BTS initially started as a basic house wiring training center and later added technical courses in Electrical Engineering. The school currently offers seven Pre-Diploma level courses (regular) and three Diploma level programs (regular). The Pre-Diploma level programs include Mechanical, Automobile, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and Secretarial. In addition, BTS conducts short-term livelihood training courses in various occupations.

BTS: Changes in Course Duration and Grading System

In 2015, the grading system was introduced in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) results, including technical and vocational subjects. The duration of Pre-Diploma level courses was later reduced to 18 months.

BTS: Expansion of Diploma Programs and Apprenticeship

BTS started offering the Diploma in Electrical Engineering from 2057 B.S. With support from the Skills Development Project, the school later introduced the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2072 B.S., and the Diploma in Civil Engineering in 2074 B.S. In 2018, the Pre-Diploma level Apprenticeship Program in Mechanical Engineering was launched with a duration of 2 years. The apprenticeship programs got expanded in Electrical Engineering and Automobile Engineering in the following year with support from the Enhanced Skills for Sustainable and Rewarding Employment (ENSSURE) Project.

BTS: Governance and Management

BTS is governed by a steering committee chaired by the Chief District Officer of Banke district, providing strategic directions. An internal school management committee, chaired by the principal, oversees day-to-day management activities. BTS produces basic and middle-level technical human resources required for the development of the nation.

BTS: Vision and Mission

BTS's vision is to be the 'center of excellence in producing competent TVET professionals in Nepal,' and its mission is to 'produce competent TVET workforce in the engineering sector for people's prosperity.' BTS aligns with CTEVT's rules and regulations and has developed a yearly plan of operations for the year 2019/020.

Goals and Objectives for Bheri Technical School:

 Increase the Enrollment Rate of Students

  • Develop marketing strategies to promote the school's programs and courses
  • Create partnerships with local schools and organizations to promote enrollment
  • Offer scholarships and financial aid programs to students in need

Provide Market-Based Qualitative Training

  • Conduct a comprehensive study of current market trends and demands
  • Develop and implement a curriculum that aligns with industry standards and best practices
  • Provide students with practical, hands-on training and experience

Optimize the Use of Existing Resources

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of current resources and facilities
  •  evelop plans to maximize the use of existing resources and facilities
  • Seek opportunities to acquire additional resources and facilities

Promote Access of DAG Group

  • Conduct a needs assessment of the DAG group to determine their specific needs and challenges
  • Develop tailored programs and courses that meet the needs of the DAG group
  • Implement strategies to ensure that the DAG group has access to the school's programs and courses

Provide HRD Training for Staff

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of staff training needs
  • Develop and implement training programs for staff to enhance their skills and knowledge
  •  Provide opportunities for professional development and continuing education

Maintain Physical Infrastructure

  • Conduct regular maintenance and repairs of existing facilities and equipment
  •  Develop plans to upgrade and modernize facilities and equipment
  • Ensure compliance with safety and regulatory standards for all facilities and equipment.

Courses Offered:

Diploma in Electrical Engineering: This course focuses on electrical systems, equipment, and technologies. It covers subjects like power generation, distribution, and utilization, electrical machines, control systems, and instrumentation.

Pre-Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Sub-overseer): This course aims to provide basic knowledge and skills in electrical engineering to students. It covers subjects like electrical circuits, power generation and distribution, electrical machines, and control systems.

Diploma in Civil Engineering: This course covers topics related to construction, design, and maintenance of infrastructure. It includes subjects like building construction, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, and water resources engineering.

Pre-Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Sub-overseer): This course provides fundamental knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering. It covers topics like mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, and manufacturing processes.

Pre-Diploma in Electronics Engineering (Electronics Sub-overseer): This course focuses on electronic devices, circuits, and communication technologies. It includes subjects like digital electronics, analog electronics, communication systems, and microprocessors.

Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering (Civil Sub-Overseer): This course provides basic knowledge in civil engineering. It covers topics like building construction, surveying, structural analysis, and environmental engineering.

Pre-Diploma in Automobile Engineering (Automobile Sub-overseer): This course provides an understanding of automotive technology, including vehicle systems, design, and maintenance. It covers subjects like vehicle dynamics, powertrain systems, and automotive electronics.

Pre-Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: This course provides knowledge and skills in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. It covers topics like refrigeration cycles, air conditioning systems, and refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Pre-Diploma in Computer Application and Secretarial Management: This course focuses on developing computer application and secretarial management skills. It includes subjects like computer fundamentals, office management, accounting, and communication skills.

Diploma in Pharmacy: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical science, including drug design, manufacturing, and distribution. It covers subjects like pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, and pharmacy practice.

Certificate in Diagnostic Radiography: This course focuses on diagnostic imaging technologies, including X-ray, CT, and MRI. It covers topics like radiographic procedures, patient care, and radiation safety.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME): This course focuses on the design, development, and maintenance of mechanical systems and equipment. It includes subjects like mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, and manufacturing processes.

Admission Process:

Admission Guidelines for Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship Program (24 Months):

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants meeting the following requirements are eligible for the program:

  • Completed SLC or SEE with any grade and GPA (since 2072 SLC)
  • Appeared for SLC or SEE (before 2072 SLC)
  • Passed the entrance examination conducted by CTEVT

Selection Criteria:

The selection process includes the following:

  • Clearing the entrance examination administered by CTEVT
  • Merit-based selection on the basis of entrance examination results
  • Final selection through an interview conducted by the training institute

Overall, Bheri Technical School (BTS) is a leading technical school in Nepal offering various courses and programs, including apprenticeships. Its vision and mission are to produce competent TVET professionals for the country's prosperity. The school is governed by a steering committee and an internal management committee and aligns with CTEVT's regulations.



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