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Butwal Multiple Campus is a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University located in Butwal town, western Nepal. It is one of the biggest campuses in Lumbini Province offering a wide range of Bachelor and Master programs.

The campus is located on the hilly terrain of Butwal near Golpark area of Butwal Municipality. Students from nearby places like Palpa, Arghaghanchi, Syangja, Gulmi, etc., come here to pursue their academics.

Courses Offered:

The campus offers various Bachelor and Master programs in the fields of Arts, Science, Commerce, and Law, etc. The courses include BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (General) (BSc), Bachelor of Laws (LLB), MA in Nepali (MA Nepali), MA in English (MA English), Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology (BICTE), Master of Business Studies (MBS), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

History and Contribution:

The establishment of Butwal Multiple Campus has helped in the development of this small village into a modern town and a hub of education. The campus has numerous faculty members who have helped found many centers of academic excellence and secondary schools in and around Butwal, providing a fillip to the education sector.

The campus runs varying schedules for classes, starting from 6:00 am. This allows students to manage their time effectively and pursue other activities apart from academics.

Butwal Multiple Campus has been a prominent name in the education sector in Nepal. With its diverse course offerings and excellent faculty members, the campus has been providing quality education to students from different parts of the country.


To provide quality education and produce competent graduates who will contribute to the development of the country.


To be a leading institution in Nepal that offers innovative and high-quality academic programs.


  • To provide a conducive environment for learning that nurtures intellectual and personal growth of the students.
  • To promote research and development that advances knowledge and contributes to the society.
  • To collaborate with local and international institutions to broaden the horizons of the students.
  • To produce graduates who have critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
  • To instill ethical and moral values that prepare the students for responsible citizenship.

Teaching Methodology:

Butwal Multiple Campus believes in the following teaching methodology to ensure the academic excellence of the students:

  • Student-Centered Learning: The focus is on the students' needs and interests. The faculty members guide the students to become independent learners.
  • Interactive Teaching: The faculty members use interactive teaching methods to promote active learning. The classroom activities include group discussions, case studies, and role-plays.
  • Use of Technology: The campus uses modern technology to enhance the learning experience of the students. The use of multimedia resources, online platforms, and digital libraries helps the students to access information easily.
  • Experiential Learning: The campus encourages experiential learning by providing opportunities for the students to participate in internships, field trips, and community service projects.
  • Continuous Assessment: The campus follows a continuous assessment system that evaluates the students' performance regularly. This helps the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve their academic performance.


  • Tribhuvan University (TU)

Infrastructure / Facilities

  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Sports
  • Labs
    Science Lab
  • Conference
  • Parking
  • Counselling
  • Scholarship
  • IT Infrastructure
    Computer Lab

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