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The Geta Medical College under construction in Kailali in the Far West is being completed at the stipulated time. In Godawari Municipality-5 Geta, under construction, the college has completed 80 percent till date.

Bhim Bahadur Saud, executive director of the Geta Medical College Infrastructure Development Committee, said that physical infrastructure was under construction. The construction of the college has begun in seven packages from the financial year 2073/74. "All the interior of the building is done," Saud said.

Kumar Shrestha Construction Services is working on the construction of the college, which is six hundred beds. Saud said the building was being constructed in two packages.

There are currently 27 small infrastructures being constructed in the college.

The construction of the college, which is connected to the prosperity of the Far West, was announced in 2066/67. The necessary infrastructure is being constructed for the operation of the college. "We will continue to build additional infrastructure as needed," he said. There is not a single medical college in the state.

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