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Karfok Bidya Mandir Multiple Campus

ilam, Ilam

Estd. 2002




Karfok Bidhya Mandir Multiple Campus (KMC - Karfok Multiple Campus) was established in 2002 AD (2059 BS) as a community based campus affiliated to the Purbanchal University, expecting to provide higher qualitative education. The campus has its own historical importance. The first literary symposium of Nepali Language was held in 2009 BS by Nepali Bhasa Pracharak Sangha. Swami Someswarananda was the first hermit to open the school informally for the local people.

The campus had been established in 2010 BS formally as a school. It has its own land of 499 ropani provided by Dharma Pd Dhakal, Krishna Lal Adfhikari, Devi Pd Uperati, Khadananda Adhikari, Devi Bhakta Upadhyaya etc. Late king Mahindra inaugurated the former school and it has been upgraded as higher secondary school in 2049 BS and it upgraded as Karfok Multiple Campus in 2059 BS.

This institution has produced well-known person, administrator, artist, politician, musician, athlete etc.


Karfok Multiple Campus aim for Quality Assurance and Accreditation process as summoned by University Grants Commission Nepal. Through this, campus will endeavor to improve its educational quality and strengthen institutional capability. As such, UGC has accepted the LoI of the campus for QAA. To achieve the goal of the programme, campus has been committed to follow the terms and conditions of the UGC, and as such, KMC has prepared a Five years Strategic Plan (2016-2020) expecting to establish the campus as a qualitative academic centre for educational quality and sustainable development.

  • Ensure the students for quality and competitive education.
  • Community development.
  • Benefit to local and EDJ people.
  • Innovation and development supporting to education through research.
  • Promotion of the campus and staffs through QAA.



  • 80% and above 100% free-ship
  • 75% and above 75% free-ship
  • 70% and above 50% free-ship
  • 65% and above 25% free-ship


  • 73% and above 100% free-ship
  • 70% and above 75% free-ship
  • 67% and above 50% free-ship
  • 64% and above 25% free-ship

Features of Karfok Multiple Campus

  • Diverse Academic Programs: Offering a range of courses including BBA, BBS, BA, B.Ed., and One Year B.Ed., Karfok Multiple Campus caters to a variety of academic interests and career aspirations.

  • Experienced Faculty: The campus boasts qualified and experienced teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their respective subjects, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Modern Facilities: Equipped with modern classrooms, labs, and a library, the campus provides an environment conducive to learning and research.

  • Interactive and Practical Learning: Emphasis is placed on interactive teaching methods, including practical sessions, field visits, demonstrations, and presentations, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of theoretical concepts.

  • Technology Integration: The use of interactive boards, a modern computer lab, and internet resources reflects the campus's commitment to incorporating technology in education.

  • Language Proficiency: Special focus on English medium instruction for certain programs, aiming to enhance students' language skills and global competitiveness.

  • Cultural and Extracurricular Activities: The campus encourages participation in various cultural events and extracurricular activities, aiding in the all-round development of students.

  • Community Engagement: With a commitment to community development, the campus often engages in activities and programs that benefit the local community and environment.

  • Scholarship Programs: Financial assistance and scholarships are available for deserving students, ensuring education is accessible to all.

  • Strategic Location: Situated in Ilam, the campus enjoys a strategic location that offers a serene and conducive academic environment.

  • Security and Safety Measures: Ensuring student safety, the campus is equipped with proper security measures, including surveillance systems.

  • Agricultural Focus: Unique to the campus is its emphasis on agricultural education, with sufficient land allocated for experimental work in agriculture and separate labs for related sciences.

  • Transport Facilities: The campus provides bus facilities for students, ensuring easy and safe transportation to and from the campus.

  • Commitment to Quality Education: With an aim for Quality Assurance and Accreditation, the campus continuously strives to improve its educational standards and maintain high-quality teaching practices.

Courses Offered:

Bachelor of Arts (BA): The BA program provides students with a broad understanding of arts and humanities, including disciplines like literature, sociology, history, and political science. It emphasizes critical thinking and communication skills, preparing students for diverse careers in education, journalism, and social services.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed): This program equips aspiring teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge for a career in education. It covers educational psychology, curriculum development, and teaching methods, preparing graduates for teaching roles in various educational settings.

One Year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed): Designed for graduates from non-education fields, this one-year program offers an accelerated pathway to a teaching career. It focuses on essential pedagogical skills, educational theories, and classroom management, catering to those seeking a quick transition into teaching.

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS): The BBS program provides comprehensive knowledge in business and economics. It covers areas like management, accounting, and marketing, preparing students for careers in business administration, finance, and entrepreneurship.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): BBA is a professional program focusing on core business disciplines such as strategic management, finance, marketing, and human resources. It is designed to prepare students for managerial roles and business leadership positions.

Ten Plus Two in Management: This program offers foundational education in business and management principles. Covering subjects like economics, accountancy, and business studies, it prepares students for further studies in management or entry-level business roles.

Ten Plus Two in Education: Focused on aspiring educators, this course provides an introduction to teaching methods, educational psychology, and instructional planning. It lays the groundwork for a career in teaching or further studies in education.

Ten Plus Two in Humanities: This course covers a range of subjects in the arts and humanities, such as history, sociology, and psychology. It develops critical thinking and analytical skills, suitable for careers in social work, journalism, and public administration.

Ten Plus Two in Science: Aimed at students interested in scientific fields, this program includes subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. It prepares students for higher studies in medicine, engineering, and scientific research.


  • Purbanchal University (PU)
  • National Examinations Board (NEB)

Infrastructure / Facilities

  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Sports
  • Auditorium
  • Labs
    Science Lab
  • Conference
  • Multimedia
  • Online Journal
  • Counselling
  • Scholarship
  • E-library

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