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Founded in 2075 BS (2018 AD) as an integral part of CTEVT, the Kisan Polytechnic Institute (KPI) [Kisan Bahuprabihdik Shikshalaya, Chapakot, Syangja, Nepal) stands tall with the ambition to furnish the nation with an employable workforce. KPI fosters an open, friendly ambiance where lifelong skills and employable knowledge are imparted for free. We thrive on the motto of empowering youth through professional development and lifelong learning.

KPI commits to fulfilling the expectations of our learners by providing them with optimal physical infrastructure and a conducive learning environment to foster their growth into competent technical professionals. Our highly qualified and experienced technical and administrative staff complements our vision of reliable technical education. We strive to stimulate our students to elevate their careers and create significant social impacts through entrepreneurial ventures and innovations. We pride ourselves on offering them world-class technical education under the welcoming roof of Kisan Polytechnic Institute.

Our Identity: Vision, Mission, Motto & Goals


We envision KPI as a national hub for employable skills.


Our mission is to generate income opportunities by equipping individuals with employable skills, thus enhancing their livelihoods.


At KPI, we stand by our motto of empowering youth for holistic development through professional and lifelong skills.


  • Strive to become a top-quality technical education learning center in the Gandaki Province.
  • Cater to the training needs of the local community effectively.
  • Produce a broad spectrum of basic to mid-level skilled human resources.
  • Promote the inclusion and development of the poor, DAG, women, and other underprivileged groups.
  • Envisage introducing diploma courses in Health and other engineering programs upon the completion of the requisite infrastructure.
  • Provision to conduct short-term vocational training in various occupational areas based on community needs.
  • Enhance income-generating activities through sponsored programs and consulting services in related fields.

By adhering to these principles, we at Kisan Polytechnic Institute aim to foster an environment where knowledge, skill, and innovation amalgamate, thus making a pivotal contribution to the nation's development.


At KPI, we provide a robust set of facilities designed to enrich the learning experience of our students. We strive to offer a well-rounded environment where students can not only acquire knowledge but also develop skills and enjoy their time on campus. Here's a look at the facilities we provide:

1. Classrooms

Our spacious, well-ventilated classrooms offer a conducive environment for focused learning. Equipped with modern educational technology, they facilitate interactive and effective teaching.

2. Cafeteria

Our on-campus cafeteria provides a variety of healthy and tasty food options in a cozy and relaxing environment.

3. Hostel

We offer comfortable and secure accommodation facilities for our outstation students, fostering a homely atmosphere that supports both study and relaxation.

4. Sports

For those with a sporting spirit, we have a variety of sports facilities. Physical fitness is encouraged through games and sports activities.

5. Library

Our library houses a vast collection of books, journals, and e-resources. It serves as a hub of knowledge for our students and faculty members.

6. ICT Lab

Our ICT Lab is equipped with the latest computers and software. It provides an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience and enhance their technical skills.

7. Veterinary Clinic

For our animal science students, the on-site veterinary clinic offers a hands-on learning experience in diagnosing and treating animals.

8. Agriculture Field

The Agriculture Field allows our plant science students to gain practical experience in cultivation, crop management, and other agricultural practices.

9. Workshop

Our workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, providing a practical learning environment for our engineering students.

10. Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall is used for hosting guest lectures, presentations, and seminars, which supplement classroom teaching.

11. Education Tour

We organize educational tours that provide a platform for students to gain real-world exposure and understand industry practices.

12. Peaceful Environment

Last but not least, KPI is set in a serene and peaceful environment, conducive to both learning and leisure.

Course Offerings and Availability

KPI provides a wide range of diploma courses in diverse fields. Each course is tailored to provide a thorough and comprehensive learning experience over a span of three years. Here is the breakdown of the courses offered and the number of seats available per course:

1. Diploma in Civil Engineering - 48 Seats

This program equips students with the knowledge and skills to design, construct, and maintain infrastructure projects. Graduates are prepared to contribute to projects such as roads, bridges, airports, and utilities within the community.

2. Diploma in Information Technology - 48 Seats

Our IT diploma program fosters a strong foundation in computer systems, networking, and software development. Students are trained to tackle challenges and provide innovative solutions in the ever-evolving field of Information Technology.

3. Diploma in Animal Science - 40 Seats

This course offers a deep understanding of animal biology, health, and management. Graduates often pursue careers in veterinary medicine, animal nutrition, farm management, or related fields.

4. Diploma in Plant Science - 40 Seats

The Diploma in Plant Science focuses on plant growth, development, and productivity. This program prepares students for a range of careers including horticulture, crop management, plant breeding, and environmental conservation.

Evaluation System

Evaluation System

The Kisan Polytechnic Institute follows a comprehensive evaluation system designed to assess students' overall academic performance, ensuring they are prepared for the challenges of their respective industries.

Internal Evaluation

The internal evaluation is a continual process aimed at ensuring students are consistently engaged with their coursework and are developing the required competencies. It comprises the following components:

  1. Class Attendance: Maintaining a minimum requirement of 90% attendance is crucial for a thorough understanding of the coursework and practical applications.

  2. Assignments and Theory Classes: Regular assignments based on theoretical classes are designed to enhance students' understanding and to apply their knowledge practically.

  3. Mid-term Examinations: These examinations are both theoretical and practical, testing students' comprehension of the course material and their ability to apply these concepts.

  4. Internal Viva-Voce on Project Study: Oral examinations are conducted on project studies to assess students' in-depth understanding and the practical application of their knowledge.

  5. General Behavior Proficiency: Students' behavior, engagement, and interaction in academic environments are also considered in the internal evaluation.

  6. Project Work, Internship, and Field Visit Reports: Evaluation based on project work, internships, and field visit reports for Diploma courses are as per the syllabus.

External Evaluation

The external evaluation at the Kisan Polytechnic Institute aligns with the rules and regulations set by the CTEVT. It ensures that students meet the external standards of their respective industries.

  1. CTEVT Examinations: External evaluation is primarily based on the examinations conducted by CTEVT for the Diploma programs.

  2. Continuous External Evaluation: This evaluation is done for all courses throughout the year or semester based on internal tests, specific assignments, practical training, and projects.

The evaluation system at Kisan Polytechnic Institute is designed to maintain high academic standards, ensure students are comprehensively prepared for their careers, and uphold the Institute's commitment to excellence in technical education.

Student Rules

Student Rules at Kisan Polytechnic Institute

In order to maintain a conducive learning environment and uphold the standards of professionalism, the Kisan Polytechnic Institute has established several rules and regulations that students are expected to abide by.

Discipline Guidelines:

  • Adherence to the KPI's Codes of Conduct is mandatory for all students. Any irresponsible or impolite behavior is deemed as an act of indiscipline and may result in severe penalties including expulsion.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco and gums, and any substance abuse within the college premises, particularly in school uniform, are strictly prohibited.
  • Students will be held financially responsible for any damage caused by them to the school property.
  • Minor misconduct will lead to a warning, and in case of repetition, parents/guardians will be notified. Gross violation of rules may result in immediate expulsion.
  • Any aggressive behavior towards teachers or staff will lead to immediate expulsion.
  • Visitors need prior permission from the concerned authority to enter the school premises.
  • Mobile phones, I-Pods, I-Pads, and Laptops are strictly prohibited without special permission.

Timing Regulations:

  • Students must arrive on campus before class start time.
  • All non-academic activities should cease once the class has started.
  • Students are required to be in their classrooms before the class period time.
  • Exiting the classroom during class hours requires teacher's permission.
  • The cafeteria is off-limits during class hours.

Uniform Requirements:

  • Wearing the school uniform is compulsory on school days.
  • Hip-up and short top-dresses, unwanted ornaments, fancy dresses, and make-up are strictly prohibited.
  • Students are expected to maintain proper appearance, including properly tying the school tie and tucking in shirts.
  • Visiting public places in school uniform is not allowed unless the event is organized by KPI.

Attendance Rules:

  • A minimum of 90% attendance is mandatory to qualify for the CTEVT final examinations.
  • Absence due to illness requires a doctor's prescription.
  • In case of emergency, the guardian or student should contact the concerned person before class start time.
  • An absence of more than 15 consecutive days without prior information may result in expulsion.

Examination Guidelines:

  • The School conducts three Terminal Exams and other regular exams in an academic session.
  • Students must follow the examination codes developed by the school.

Financial Regulations:

  • Course fees must be paid on time. Late fines will be charged as per CTEVT rules and regulations.
  • Fees once paid are non-refundable.
  • The deposit shall be refunded against the fee receipt only after the college issues a character certificate.

Assignment Rules:

  • Students should maintain their notebooks and homework properly.
  • Separate copies are required for notes and homework of every subject.
  • Homework and practical files should be submitted on time.

Adherence to these rules ensures a respectful and conducive learning environment for all students at the Kisan Polytechnic Institute.



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