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Established in the heart of Dharan sub-metropolitan city in 1955, Mahendra Multiple Campus (MMC) Dharan stands as a prestigious constituent of Tribhuvan University, Sunsari district, Nepal. Over the decades, MMC Dharan has etched its mark as one of the top campuses in eastern Nepal, acting as a pivotal institution in elevating higher education standards and meeting the nation's demand for skilled manpower.

MMC's Alumni – Leaders in Every Sphere

Graduates from MMC have gone on to occupy influential positions in government offices, financial institutions, NGOs, INGOs, corporations, and the private sector, showcasing the profound impact of MMC’s academic excellence.

A Commitment to Societal Transformation

From its inception, MMC Dharan has been steadfast in its mission to impact society positively. This is achieved through a trifecta of teaching, research, and learning. The institution prides itself on fostering an academic environment where the fusion of faculty dedication, student creativity, and administrative precision ensures the desired outcomes.

Interdisciplinary & Career-centric Learning

MMC Dharan's curriculum is designed with a focus on interdisciplinary studies and career-centric learning across all faculties. This unique approach, combined with students and faculty from varied cultural, social, and educational backgrounds, makes holistic learning possible. Furthermore, an increased emphasis on project-based practical learning and a portfolio evaluation system equips students with professional expertise.

Shaping Well-Rounded Individuals

At MMC Dharan, education isn't just about academic excellence. The campus ethos dictates that true education should mold individuals to be intellectually sound, physically robust, emotionally balanced, spiritually enlightened, and socially responsible. Academic programs are tailored to nurture critical thinking, deep introspection, and rigorous analysis. Beyond academics, MMC ensures that students' time on campus is transformative and memorable by offering enriching experiences both within and outside the classroom.

Scholarship Programs

At MMC Dharan, excellence in education is not only celebrated but rewarded. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the scholarships available:

Intelligent Student Scholarships

Mahendra Multiple Campus proudly presents scholarships specifically tailored for students from community schools showing outstanding academic prowess.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA):

    • 50% Scholarship for six students, constituting 10% of the total seats.
  • Bachelor of Business Management (BBM):

    • 50% Scholarship for eight students, representing 10% of the total seats.

MMC Freeship Initiative

Believing that financial constraints should not hinder passionate learners, MMC provides freeships based on merit and need:

  • BBS: 20% of total admitted students
  • BA: 20% of total admitted students
  • B.Ed.: 10% of total admitted students

Donor Scholarships

MMC acknowledges and appreciates the generosity of its patrons who've established the following scholarships:

B.P Koirala Scholarship

  • Founder: Nepal Students Union
  • Amount: Rs. 25,001/-
  • Eligibility: Highest Scorer in BA First Year from the Dalit community.

Late Bhumilaxmi Palikhey Memorial Scholarship

  • Founder: Bhagwat Palikhey
  • Amount: Rs. 1,51,111/-
  • Eligibility: Highest Scoring Female in BA/BBS First and Second Year.

Dr. Govinda Ram Agrawal Medal

  • Founder: Prof. Dr. Govinda Ram Agrawal
  • Amount: Rs. 30,000/-
  • Eligibility: Highest Scorer (Male or Female) in the BBS program.

Shree Bhawani-Nanda-Narbada Scholarship

  • Founder: Dev Raj Adhikari
  • Amount: Rs. 60,000/-
  • Eligibility: Intelligent student (Male or Female) at MMC.

Shree Govinda Krishna Palikhey & Sushila Devi Intelligent Award

  • Founder: Dipak Krishna Palikhey
  • Amount: Rs. 2,00,000/-
  • Eligibility: Highest Scorers in MBS program (Male or Female) and MA program (Female).

Shree Fadindra Prasad Acharya Scholarship

  • Founder: Om Kumari Acharya
  • Amount: Rs. 75,000/-
  • Eligibility: Highest Scorer in Master level with Economics.

Late Dhan Kumari Niraula-Kanak Bahadur Niraula Memorial Research Award

  • Founder: Prof. Tara Bahadur Niraula
  • Amount: Rs. 50,000/-
  • Eligibility: Highest Scorer in MBS First Semester.

Maya Acharya Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Founder: Shree Ganesh Prasad Acharya
  • Amount: Rs. 2,00,222/-
  • Eligibility: Highest scoring Female in LL.B second year.

Uma Nath-Gayatri Devi Scholarship

  • Founder: Shree Sharada Prasad Adhikari
  • Amount: Rs. 50,051/-
  • Eligibility: Student with the highest score in the Bachelor level with Optional Nepali.

Uddhim-Rupmaya Shrestha Scholarship

  • Founder: Shree Krishna / Dhan Kumari Shrestha
  • Amount: Rs. 1,00,501/-
  • Eligibility: Student with the highest score in the final exam of Masters Level in Political Science.

Tikaram Maheshwara Scholarship

  • Founder: Dr. Hari Prasad Sharma Dahal
  • Amount: Rs. 2,00,000/-
  • Eligibility: Student with the highest score in LL.B.

Bhagwat Prasad Shrestha Scholarship

  • Founder: Prof. Dr. Bikram Prasad Shrestha
  • Amount: Rs. 2,00,000/-
  • Eligibility: Candidate with the highest score in the faculty of Humanities.

Krishnaraj-Tilaidevi Maskey Scholarship

  • Founder: Yubraj Maskey
  • Amount: Rs. 1,25,000/-
  • Eligibility: Successful candidate (Male or Female) in the final examination of B.Ed.

Pabitra-Padam Bista Scholarship

  • Founder: Pabitra Bista
  • Amount: Rs. 5,00,000/-
  • Eligibility: Candidate with the highest score in the Annual/Semester-End Examination in the English Subject for BA, MA, and M.Ed. Programs.

Lal Bahadur-Bishnumaya Rai Scholarship

  • Founder: Rojina Rai
  • Amount: Rs. 1,01,193/-
  • Eligibility: Best student among differently-abled students.

Murali Sundar Govinda Scholarship

    • Founder: Manohar Agrawal
    • Amount: Rs. 1,25,000/-
    • Eligibility: Top female scorer in Management Faculty in the previous level.

Devi Prasad-Lokendra Prasad Scholarship

    • Founder: Dr. Ananda Prasad Acharya
    • Amount: Rs. 50,000/-
    • Eligibility: Highest scorer in both Bachelors and Masters in Political Science.

Ganga Prasad-Archana Chamlagain Scholarship

    • Founder: Ganga Prasad Chaulagain
    • Amount: Rs. 8,000/- annually
    • Eligibility: Top scorers in Statistics in the BBS First Year and MBS First Semester.

Purna Rai Scholarship

    • Founder: Purna Rai
    • Amount: Rs. 50,001/-
    • Eligibility: Top scorer in BBS First Year from Rai, Limbu, Tamang, Magar, and Gurung Community.

Narayan Govinda Scholarship

    • Founder: Bishnu Devi Shrestha
    • Amount: Rs. 70,555/-
    • Eligibility: Top scorer in MBS First Year.

Indu Bhandari Smriti Scholarship

  • Founder: Prof. Dr. Gopal Prasad Bhandari & Dev Kumari Bhandari
  • Amount: Rs. 65,000/-
  • Eligibility: Regular top-scoring female in 1st & 2nd Semesters of M.A in Nepali, awarded in the 3rd semester.

MMC remains deeply committed to its vision of promoting academic brilliance and ensuring that every deserving student gets a fair opportunity, irrespective of their financial status. With these scholarships, MMC continues its tradition of fostering excellence and nurturing the future leaders of tomorrow.

Admission Guidelines at Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan

1. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

  • Objective: Develop managers for the complex business world, pave way for careers in teaching, research, and consultancy.
  • Eligibility: Passed +2 level or equivalent in any discipline.
  • Admission: Entrance test.
  • Duration: 4 years.

2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

  • Objective: Cultivate socially responsive, creative, and result-oriented management professionals.
  • Eligibility:
    • D+ grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with CGPA 1.8 or more.
    • Second division marks in 10+2 or equivalent.
  • Admission: CMAT entrance test.
  • Duration: 8 Semesters (4 Years).

3. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

  • Objective: Foster skills in communication, decision-making, leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovative management.
  • Eligibility:
    • D+ grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with CGPA 1.8 or more.
    • Second division marks in 10+2 or equivalent.
  • Admission: CMAT entrance test.
  • Duration: 8 Semesters (4 Years).

4. Master of Business Studies (MBS)

  • Objective: Prepare for advanced managerial roles in public and private sectors.
  • Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in any discipline (preferably BBS) from a recognized university.
  • Admission: CMAT by FOM, TU.
  • Duration: 4 Semesters (2 Years).

5. Bachelors of Arts (BA)

  • Objective: Provide theoretical and conceptual knowledge in Arts.
  • Eligibility: Passed intermediate level or +2 or equivalent.
  • Duration: 4 years.

6. M.A. English

  • Objective: Enhance creativity, critical thinking, and communication with a focus on literary genres.
  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in English.
  • Admission: Entrance Examination by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Duration: 4 Semesters (2 Years).

7. MA Economics

  • Objective: Advanced studies in economics.
  • Eligibility: Bachelor degree with Economics or equivalent education.
  • Admission: Entrance Examination by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Duration: 4 Semesters (2 Years).

8. MA (Political Science)

  • Objective: Offer comprehensive knowledge on politics and related disciplines.
  • Eligibility: Bachelor's Degree from a recognized university.
  • Admission: Entrance examination by TU.
  • Duration: 4 Semesters (2 Years).

9. MA Nepali

  • Objective: Promote understanding and appreciation of Nepali language and literature.
  • Eligibility: Bachelor Degree in Nepali.
  • Admission: Entrance exam (for semester system).
  • Duration: 4 Semesters (2 Years).

10. LLB (Bachelor of Laws)

  • Objective: Instill legal excellence with a global and local perspective.
  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  • Admission: Entrance test.
  • Duration: 3 years.
  • Seats: 300 (Including 20% reserved seats).

11. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) – 4 years

  • Eligibility: PCL or Higher Secondary degree with over all C+.
  • Admission: Entrance test.

12. Bachelor of Education (1 year B.Ed.)

  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree (excluding Sanskrit graduates without compulsory English).
  • Admission: Entrance test.

13. M.Ed. – Master of Education

  • Objective: Develop educators, planners, administrators, and system analysts.
  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in Education (specific qualifications may apply for some subjects).
  • Admission: Entrance test by the Faculty of Education.
  • Duration: 4 Semesters (2 Years).


  • Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • Lumbini Bouddha University

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