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Established in 1964, the Mechi Multiple Campus (मेची बहुमुखी क्याम्पस) stands as an esteemed constituent campus of Tribhuvan University (TU), located in the heart of Bhadrapur municipality, Jhapa district. Proudly, it remains the solitary representative of Tribhuvan University in the district. Mechi Multiple Campus Offered BA, BBS, BBA, BCA, BSW, BSc, MA, MBS and BSc CSIT Programs.

Key Personnel:

Since June 2016, the diligent Kamal Guragain has been steering the ship as the college's "campus chief." Under his leadership, the campus boasts of a robust team, including 109 academic and 54 administrative professionals, committed to fostering academic excellence.

Historical Footprints:

Originally, Mechi Multiple Campus kicked off its academic journey by offering an Intermediate of Arts (IA) program exclusively in humanities. The institution soon broadened its horizons by introducing undergraduate courses. As the winds of change blew, Tribhuvan University took the strategic decision in 2010 to dissolve the Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) programs across its colleges. Consequently, Mechi Multiple Campus discontinued its intermediate programs. This decision led to a noticeable dip in the student intake.

Courses Currently Offered:

The campus is currently a hub for a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Here's a comprehensive list:

Navigating the academic pathways can be challenging. At Mechi Multiple Campus, a plethora of courses awaits to fit diverse interests. Here's a closer look at what each program has to offer:

Undergraduate Courses:

  1. BA (Bachelor of Arts)

    • Purpose: This broad-based humanities program is designed to provide a deep understanding of arts, culture, history, literature, and languages.
    • Duration: 3-4 years depending on the curriculum.
    • Key Subjects: Literature, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and more.
  2. BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)

    • Purpose: To equip students with comprehensive business and managerial skills.
    • Duration: 4 years.
    • Key Subjects: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior.
  3. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

    • Purpose: Offers a modern, practical approach to the intricacies of global business.
    • Duration: 4 years.
    • Key Subjects: Business Communication, Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management.
  4. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

    • Purpose: Grooms students for the evolving world of IT and software development.
    • Duration: 4 years.
    • Key Subjects: Programming, Database Management, Networking, Data Structures.
  5. BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)

    • Purpose: Prepares students for roles in social welfare, counseling, and community outreach.
    • Duration: 3 years.
    • Key Subjects: Principles of Social Work, Social Welfare Administration, Community Development.
  6. BSc (Bachelor of Science)

    • Purpose: Offers a robust foundation in various scientific disciplines.
    • Duration: 3-4 years depending on the specialization.
    • Key Subjects: Can range from Physics, Chemistry, Biology to Environmental Science, depending on the major.
  7. BSc CSIT (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology)

    • Purpose: Designed for those keen on diving deep into the realms of computer science and IT.
    • Duration: 4 years.
    • Key Subjects: Algorithms, Web Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Logic.

Postgraduate Courses:

  1. MA (Master of Arts)

    • Purpose: Provides advanced study in humanities and social sciences, allowing students to specialize further.
    • Duration: 2 years.
    • Key Subjects: Varies based on specialization but can include Advanced Literature, Anthropology, History, Political Science.
  2. MBS (Master of Business Studies)

    • Purpose: Designed for those seeking advanced managerial and business skills.
    • Duration: 2 years.
    • Key Subjects: Advanced Accounting, Business Research, Organizational Leadership, Global Business Strategy.

Each of these courses at Mechi Multiple Campus is meticulously crafted, ensuring that students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical exposure. If you're aspiring for a comprehensive educational journey, Mechi's courses stand as strong contenders.


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