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Post Graduate Campus Biratnagar commonly known as the Degree Campus, stands as a testament to the commitment of imparting quality education. Established in 1981 AD (2040 BS), this public institution has evolved over the years and today is a hub for higher learning.

Campus Infrastructure

  • Original Structure: The campus began its journey with a three-storied building housing 12 rooms. An interesting fact is the addition of an airport tower given to this campus by the Nepali government.

  • Expansions: Later, the government provided another edifice with 17 rooms accompanied by 4 Bigaha of land. Donations from Tribhuvan University and internal funds contributed to further infrastructure development.

Faculties and Departments

The campus boasts three distinguished faculties:

  1. Humanities: Comprising 9 departments.
  2. Science: Offering two dedicated departments.
  3. Commerce.

All in all, there are over 70 dedicated educators at the campus, with a majority holding PhD degrees.

Academic Programs

Being affiliated with Tribhuvan University and recognized by the University Grant Commission of Nepal, Degree Campus is an academic powerhouse offering a plethora of courses:

  • Master of Arts in various disciplines such as English, Nepali, History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and RD.
  • M.Sc. programs.

Additionally, the campus is a hub for doctoral research in the science field.

Location & Legacy

Located at Biratnagar-14, near the old airport, the Post Graduate (Snatakottar, Degree) Campus is the crown jewel of the Eastern Region, particularly in province no.1. Renowned for its faculty members, which include young, enthusiastic professors, researchers, and academicians, this campus is dedicated to rigorous teaching, research, and academic pursuits.


The establishment of this revered institution was driven by a set of clear objectives:

  • Preparing adept human resources at the master's level for Nepal's holistic development.
  • Delivering top-notch higher education specifically in the eastern region, with a special focus on Biratnagar.
  • Introducing master degree programs outside the Kathmandu valley.
  • Engaging in comprehensive, empirical, and timely knowledge creation and research across various domains like arts, science, technology, and management.

Professional Careers and Education Institute

Not far from the Degree Campus, the Professional Careers and Education Institute stands tall, dedicated to offering Chartered Accountant programs. This private institute further enhances the academic allure of Biratnagar, Morang district.

With its rich history, diverse academic programs, and commitment to excellence, the Post Graduate Campus Biratnagar remains a beacon for students and educators alike. As a vital educational hub, it continues to contribute significantly to the academic fabric of Nepal.

Departments at Degree Campus Biratnagar

Zoology Department

  • Focus: The study of animals and their behavior, physiology, classification, and distribution.
  • Offerings: Courses covering everything from animal behavior to cellular biology.

Botany Department

  • Focus: The scientific exploration of plants and their importance to life on Earth.
  • Offerings: Research and coursework range from plant physiology to ecology.

Anthropology Department

  • Focus: The study of human societies, cultures, and their development.
  • Offerings: Courses spanning cultural, biological, and archaeological anthropology.

Management Department

  • Focus: Equipping students with leadership and organizational skills essential for the business world.
  • Offerings: Courses in business strategy, human resources, and entrepreneurship.

Economics Department

  • Focus: Analyzing the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
  • Offerings: Microeconomics, macroeconomics, and developmental economics courses.

English Department

  • Focus: Mastery of the English language and literature.
  • Offerings: Courses in literature analysis, composition, and world literature.

History Department

  • Focus: Delving into past events and their relation to the present.
  • Offerings: Courses on global history, regional events, and historical methodologies.

Mathematics Department

  • Focus: The abstract science of number, quantity, and space.
  • Offerings: Courses range from algebra to advanced calculus.

Nepalese History, Culture, and Archaeology Department

  • Focus: Comprehensive study on Nepal's rich history, diverse culture, and archaeological treasures.
  • Offerings: In-depth courses on Nepal's dynasties, cultural evolutions, and major archaeological finds.

Nepali Department

  • Focus: Mastery of the Nepali language and its literature.
  • Offerings: Courses covering grammar, literature, and the linguistic landscape of Nepal.

Political Science Department

  • Focus: The study of politics, political activities, thoughts, and structures.
  • Offerings: Courses on international relations, political theory, and governmental systems.

Rural Development Department

  • Focus: Strategies and policies for the development of rural areas.
  • Offerings: Courses on sustainable development, rural economics, and infrastructure development.

Sociology Department

  • Focus: The systematic study of human society and social behavior.
  • Offerings: Topics ranging from societal structures to human interactions and societal changes.

Each department at the Post Graduate Campus Biratnagar has been established with the aim of providing comprehensive education in its respective field. Through rigorous coursework, research opportunities, and a commitment to excellence, these departments offer students a solid foundation in their chosen field of study.

Courses Offered at Degree Campus Biratnagar

MA in English (MA English)

  • Dive into the depths of English literature, linguistics, and critical theories. This course sharpens analytical skills, fosters creativity, and offers a deeper understanding of the English language.

MA in Nepali (MA Nepali)

  • A journey through the rich tapestry of Nepali literature and language. This course helps students explore Nepal's linguistic heritage, literature evolution, and modern narratives.

MA in History (MA History)

  • Traverse through time, understanding global and regional historical events, civilizations, and movements. The course offers insights into research methodologies and historical interpretations.

MA in Economics (MA Economics)

  • Delve into the intricacies of micro and macroeconomics, developmental policies, and economic theories. This program offers tools to analyze and interpret economic data and trends.

MA in Sociology

  • Understand human society, its structures, dynamics, and intricacies. The course provides a comprehensive look at societal norms, interactions, and the factors influencing them.

MSc in Botany

  • Explore the plant kingdom, from cellular biology to plant ecology. This course integrates fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and theoretical studies for a well-rounded botanical education.

MSc Zoology

  • Dive into the animal kingdom, studying behavior, physiology, and taxonomy. This program combines hands-on research with theoretical knowledge, preparing students for diverse career paths in biology.

MA in Rural Development (MRD)

  • Equip yourself with strategies and tools for sustainable rural growth. This course focuses on rural economics, infrastructure development, and community engagement.

MA in Political Science (MA Political Science)

  • Understand political systems, theories, and global political scenarios. The course offers insights into governance, international relations, and contemporary political challenges.

Master of Business Studies (MBS)

  • A holistic program designed to groom future business leaders, covering areas like business strategies, entrepreneurship, and market analysis.

MSc in Mathematics

  • Dive deep into the abstract world of numbers, structures, and space. This program offers advanced courses in algebra, calculus, and mathematical theories.

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

  • Stay abreast of the digital revolution, mastering skills in software development, network systems, and IT management. This undergraduate program lays the foundation for a promising career in the tech industry.


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