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Institute of Forestry Hetauda Campus, Makwanpur

B.Sc Forestry

Affiliated To: Tribhuvan University (TU)



Course Level

Bachelor Degree


4 Years

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Full Time

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UGC Approved


Institute of Forestry Hetauda Campus offers Bachelor's Degree Program i.e. B.Sc Forestry. Which is affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU). Students with I.Sc., TCL forestry, Diploma in Forestry, +2 Science, A-level or equivalent degree with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate can apply for admission into the Bachelor level program. All interested students must appear in the entrance examination and are selected based on their merit score.

Evaluation and Examination System:

  • Institute of Forestry (IOF) has B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. programs in forestry.
  • Students are externally evaluated based on theory (final and internal assessment) and practical examinations at the end of each semester.
  • Internal assessment is the responsibility of concerned teachers and campuses involved.
  • Internal assessment will be organized by campus upon completion of a minimum of 50 percent of the prescribed content of the course.
  • The weightage of the internal examination and practicals are indicated in the content of each course.
  • To pass the examination, students must secure 40% marks in theory (separately in both final and internal) and in-field training.
  • A statement of marks is issued to each student after the result is published for that particular semester.
  • Students who do not pass the regular semester examination can appear in the makeup examination.

Attendance Requirement:

On the successful completion of all the requirements prescribed by the course curriculum, a student is eligible for the award of a B.Sc. degree in Forestry.

An academic transcript is issued by the Controller of Examinations of Tribhuvan University to individual students who have met all requirements. The academic standard of that individual student will be based on the cumulative percentage of marks secured in all examinations.

The grading is as follows. Grade Description Distinction 75% or over First Division 60% to less than 75% Second Division 45% to less than 60% Pass 40% to less than 45%

Course Curriculum Design:

The ministry of forests and soil conservation is the main government or organization that consumes most of the IOF graduates for employment. To the changing context of forest policy and legislation of the country, IOF has been constantly revising its curricula so that its graduates can work with the village communities.

While designing and revising curricula the Subject Committees propose and design the draft curricula, which are critically discussed and modified if needed by the Faculty Board of IOF.

After critical discussion and approval of the Faculty Board, the curricula are submitted to the Academic Council of Tribhuvan University for final approval. Approved course curricula are implemented through the Department of the IOF Campuses.

Course Code

The course code listed in this curriculum has a short text of the Subject Committee, number, and the text in parenthesis. The abbreviated text that appears at the beginning of the course code stands for the respective Subject Committee that the course falls under. The Courses are given 301 to 699-course numbers for the Bachelor’s level.

The meaning of the course code is further illustrated as follows: BSH Basic Science and Humanities FPE Forest Products and Engineering PWM Park Recreation and Wildlife Management SFB Silviculture and Forest Biology SFM Social Forestry and Forest Management WME Watershed Management and Environment Science

Credit Hours

Each course is assigned certainly weight in terms of full marks. Again in a few courses, the full mark is divided into theory and practical classes. The theory part is again divided into the final theory and internal theory. One credit hour carries 25 marks and it will be taught in 20 lecture hours.

Core Course:

Students enrolled for B.Sc. in forestry are expected to study and pass all the subjects prescribed in the curriculum. Core courses are major subjects related to Forestry, Soil Conservation, and Wildlife.

Elective Course:

Elective courses are designed and delivered to expose more to certain areas of Forestry. Students of the fourth-year first semester will have an opportunity to select two courses offered by the department as elective courses as per their interest. The concerned Department will announce elective courses offered at the beginning of the academic year (session). Students must meet all requirements as prescribed by the concerned department.

Project paper and student seminar:

  • To develop knowledge and skills in research works, students in the fourth year second semester are required to work on their project papers or internship based on their interests and specialization.
  • Students are encouraged to conduct original research works based on the burning issues in forestry and natural resource management aspects.
  • Each student will be assigned as an advisor to guide his/her study.
  • An advisor will guide his/her advice and grade the students’ works as an internal examiner.
  • The project/internship report will also be evaluated by external experts of that subject matter.
  • On completion of project/internship, students are expected to present their works in prescheduled student seminar.
  • Students’ research projects/internships are financed by students themselves or various national and international organizations.

Field Training and Educational Tours

In order to provide field exposure and hands-on experience, students are frequently taken to outside camping for field training. Students visit various research stations, educational institutions, and experimental and demonstration plots.

Required Minimum Educational Qualification:

At least 50% (fifty percent) marks in the I.Sc. (Science) or 10 + 2 (Science) or Forest Science subject passing the SLC / SEE or similar examination and at least 50% (fifty percent) of the total marks. Or, each subject must have passed the 'C' Grade with a 'C' Grade in the total score. In the case of both Theory and Practical, the Theory and Practical should have a minimum of 'C' grade, even though the individual 'C' grade is different.

The application form will be online and can be filled up by visiting the university's website

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