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Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS)

Affiliated To: Tribhuvan University (TU)



Course Level

Bachelor Degree


4 Years

Study Mode

Full Time




UGC Approved


Nepal Mountain Academy offers Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS) is an 8 semester (4 years) course which comprises of foundation courses of management studies, social science, pure science, mountaineering and tourism core courses, elective and project report writing works culminating in thesis writing representing both sectors of management, mountain tourism, and mountaineering. Thus, BMS is not just about climbing but is a complete integration of modern management, mountain, and related tourism studies.

BMS at a glance
Professors of different disciplines and faculties have designed the curricula of Bachelor of Mountaineering Studies (BMS).

  • It is based on the wisdom of the past (history of mountain tourism and mountaineering) with an eye for the future.
  • It aims to prepare graduates having a set of skills, attributes, and values that equip them to become constructive and contributing leaders in an increasingly globalized field of mountain and mountaineering tourism.

The syllabi for BMS have been prepared and developed following international academic standards to cater to the needs of the rapidly developing tourism and hospitality industry across the globe. This academic program primarily follows the three-pronged approaches: Professional, Vocational, and Entrepreneurial. It further:

  • tries to develop core competencies, subject-specific, interdisciplinary, and methodological competencies comprising with practical and applied competencies (prognosis and praxis);
  • focuses on inculcating ethics, stewardship, knowledge, professionalism, and mutual understanding among the stakeholders (TEFI).

Scopes of BMS
BMS gives you the power to explore beyond your realms. Some scopes include:

  • Nepal being the home for 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world actually makes the most suitable place to study and imply the brighter prospects of this course,
  • Along with climbing, BMS provides you the possibility of expanding your career as a trekking expert, incubator, natural researcher, anthropologist, and tourism business entrepreneur,
  • Aspiring young men and women to have a great space to grow and pioneer in mountains and its orbital business in the national and international market; and
  • Emphasizing career-focused skills viz. wall climbing, rock climbing, trekking, peak climbing, and mountaineering.
    Thus, BMS stands at your doorstep to open an international trail of recognition.

BMS course prepares you to be:

  • Researcher (Topography, Climate, Environment)
  • Lecturer (National, International)
  • Manager (Tour, Travel, Expedition Companies, Events)
  • Anthropologist (Culture & Society)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Mountaineer (Guides and Leaders)
  • Mountain geologist
  • Mountain economist
  • Sociologist
  • Mid-level executives (Governmental / Non-Governmental)

Additional Information about the Course

Class Timings

The classes for BMS start from 6:30 AM till 10:00 AM in the morning on weekdays.
 (Note: Classes can be arranged on Saturdays or any other holidays as and when needed.)

Attendance and Evaluations

It is compulsory for all the students to maintain an attendance record of 80% in each subject in order to be eligible to appear for the final board examination.

Practical Training Trips

The Practical Training Trips shall be organized by the academy for all the semesters upon favorable circumstances and as per the academic calendar. Out of the 100 marks for the Practical Training, 50 marks shall be allocated by evaluating the field performance and 50 marks upon the evaluation of the report submitted by each student.

Grading System
The Grading system followed in the BMS program is based on the absolute performance of a student in the in-semester (40%) evaluations and semester-end examinations (60%) conducted by TU. Here’s the breakdown of the grading system of 40%:

Attendance: 20
Seminar/ Presentations: 20
Internal Assessment: 20
Discipline and ECA participation: 20
Pre-board examination: 20
Total = 100 marks which shall be converted to 40 marks.


Out of the 40 marks, individual students must score 30 marks to be eligible and qualified to appear in the final semester examination. In case if the students fail to score a minimum of 30 marks, they shall be marked as 'Not Qualified (NQ)’ for the respective subjects'.

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