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Ten Plus Two Management

Affiliated To: National Examinations Board (NEB)


+2 Management

Course Level



2 Years

Study Mode

Full Time




Ministry of Education


New Summit College in Shantinagar, Kathmandu, is affiliated with the National Examination Board (NEB) and offers a Ten Plus Two (+2) Management program. The two-year program focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in business and management concepts, principles, and practices.

The program includes a comprehensive curriculum that covers a range of subjects such as accounting, economics, business mathematics, marketing, business communication, business law, and entrepreneurship. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the program also focuses on developing practical skills and capabilities required in the field of business and management.

The faculty at New Summit College is experienced and dedicated to ensuring that the students receive quality education. The college provides a supportive and challenging learning environment, which encourages students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Upon completion of the +2 Management program, students can pursue a bachelor's degree in management or related fields, which opens up a wide range of career opportunities in various sectors such as banking, finance, marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship.

Overall, the Ten Plus Two (+2) Management program at New Summit College is an excellent option for students who want to acquire a strong foundation in business and management, and who wish to pursue a career in the field of business.

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