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Application Open for SEE Exam 2079

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NEB-National Examination Board

Application Open for SEE Exam 2079: Government of Nepal, National Examination Board (NEB), Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Notice regarding the filling of the application form to be included in the Secondary Education Examination Class-10 (SEE) to be conducted in the year 2079

In order to participate in the 2079 SEE examination, students studying regularly in class 10 in the academic session 2079 (including students studying in open and alternative schools, non-formal adult schools, and technical edge schools) must fill out the application form between 05th Mansir 2079 and 10th Poush 2079. This information is published for the information of all concerned Directorate of Education Development, National Examination Board State Branch Office, Education Development and Coordination Unit, Local Level Education Branch, Schools, and Students for the filling.

Students currently studying as regular students in class 10:

(a) Photocopy of registration

(b) Copy of the certificate of passing the basic level (Class 8) in the academic session 2077 or earlier

(c) Copy of the birth certificate (attested by the Principal) attached and two recent passport-size photographs in school uniform pasted at the designated place Filled application form Examination fee per candidate Rs. 500 (five hundred) must be submitted to the respective school within 10th of Poush 2079.

For students studying in open, alternative, and non-formal adult schools

(a) In accordance with Sections 15 and 17 of the Distance Education Open Learning Program Operation Guideline, (with amendments) 2063 and having fulfilled all the conditions prescribed by the guidebook, along with the recommendation of having completed all the conditions prescribed by the guidebook, attach two recent passport size photographs and fill in the form pasted in the specified place. The examination fee per candidate is Rs. 500 (five hundred) and must be submitted to the respective school within the 10th of Poush 2079. According to the guidelines, the students of the open alternative side have to pass the basic level of class 8th or equivalent and submit a certificate (verified after the publication of this notice by the certificate issuing body) and a copy of the birth certificate certified by the principal and completed two years ago (academic session 2077 or earlier). . Regarding the non-formal adult school or open alternative school, the co-ordinators have to look at the permission letter and other documents of the school and determine whether the students are according to the guidelines.

Students studying in non-formal adult schools must complete all the conditions prescribed by the non-formal school operating guidelines for adults 2065 along with a document certified by the concerned headmaster, attach two passport-size photographs, paste the form in the designated place, and fill out the form. The examination fee per student is Rs. 500 (five hundred) and must be submitted to the respective school within 10th of Poush 2079.

Schools mentioned in point no. According to 1 and 2, the names, surnames, date of birth, and examination subjects of the students who fill in the application form are verified so that it does not differ until later, and the forms are kept in ascending order of the English alphabet, and the overall and the order of the forms are checked, and the receipt of the collection of the examination fee or The form should be submitted to the Education Development and Coordination Unit within 17th of Poush 2079 with the cash receipt attached.

The last date for the schools to deposit the fees for the examination fees in the Education Development and Coordination Unit or in the bank has been fixed till 11th Poush 2079 and the last date for the deposit in the bank by the Education Development and Coordinating Units has been fixed up to 17th Poush 2079. Revenue Title No. It is 14223.

The education development and coordination units should be able to enter the application form received on the computer and send the electronic copy to the National Examination Board, Examination Control Office Class 10, and the relevant Education Development Directorate within the date of Magha 07, 2079.

In coordination with the National Examination Board Examination Control Office Class 10 and related Directorate of Education Development, Education Development and Coordination Units should also maintain the eight-digit symbol number and alphabet as sent from Class 10 and make available the admit card. In coordination with the relevant education development directorate, the education development and coordination units must determine the examination center within 2079 Magha end and after making a decision by the district examination coordination committee, they should be able to send it to class 10 and the related education development directorate. While setting up the examination center, priority should be given to schools that have access to students and have email, internet, printer, photocopy, and backup. The name and code number of the schools should be mentioned while determining the examination center. While determining the examination center, the examination center should be determined in such a way that all the students of a school (regular, grade increase, and technical) are in one center.

An office copy of the approved form should be kept safe so as to be issued when requested by the National Examination Board and the education development and coordination unit of the Admit Card should maintain a symbol number and distribute it throughout the school so that the concerned students receive it at the time of the examination.

Students filling the application form should fill the application form only from the school where they have studied regularly. If the form is found to be filled from more than one school or place, the forms from both sides will be canceled. In the case of students who have transferred from other schools and districts in class 10 and are coming to enroll as new students, it should be done according to the revised education regulations and a separate transcript of such students should be kept and sent to the relevant Directorate of Education Development.

Students who do not fill out the application form within the specified time will not be allowed to join the SEE exam 2079. For that, the respective schools will have to make arrangements for all students to fill out the form on time.

The school must submit the documents with the experimental score table and other details to the Education Development and Coordination Unit within the 20th of Falgun 2079 and the unit must send the details of revenue, details of ineligible students, and experimental scores of students to Pika within the middle of February 2079. When sending the statement of revenue, the number of students in the school and the amount of revenue submitted by the school should be clearly disclosed in ascending order of the school code.

Open alternative and non-formal adult schools must complete the registration and application together.

Towards grade improvement (general, technical, open and alternative and non-formal adult school examinees)


a) According to Section 7 (2) e of the Letter Grading Guideline, 2078, in the case of students who participated in the 2078 examination as a regular examinee and failed to obtain the prescribed grades in all subjects, in the case of students who did not obtain the prescribed minimum grade in those subjects by participating in the grade enhancement examination for a maximum of 2 subjects Only the exam application form has to be filled.

Candidates who are unable to obtain the specified grade in three or more subjects must fill the examination application form in all subjects. While filling the application form, the candidates have to fill it from the school where they have studied regularly. Students who have studied in one school in another school cannot fill the application form. Application form filled from other schools will be automatically cancelled.

Candidates have to attach 2 recent passport size photos, attach the following documents to the application form and submit the application form to the respective school within 10th of Poush 2079 along with Rs.500 (five hundred) per student.

a) Copy of registration slip

b) Copy of grade sheet

c) Candidates for grade increase should use yellow colored form only.

According to the mentioned notification, the relevant education development directorates should make arrangements to facilitate the education development and coordination units within the respective provinces in filling the examination application form of the students and establishing the examination center.

Note: In the case of students who have studied in class 9 in the academic session 2078 and could not fill the registration form due to age limit, but are currently studying regularly in class 10, please fill the registration form and fill the application form after keeping the registration number.

Related information and information National Examination Board Website Examination Control Office Class 10 Phone No. It can be obtained by contacting 01-6630819 or visiting the website of the relevant provincial education development directorate.


Controller of Examinations

Notice Publication Date: 2079-08-08


NEB - National Examinations Board

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Estd. 1990