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Lok Sewa Aayog Dipayal First Phase Written Exam Center of Nayab Subba

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Lok Sewa Aayog Dipayal First Phase Written Exam Center of Nayab Subba

The Public Service Commission (PSC) offices in Dipayal, Doti, and Kathmandu have released important notifications regarding the upcoming first stage of written examinations for the post of Nayab Subba or similar non-technical positions. Below is a comprehensive guide for candidates preparing for the exams.

Examination Schedule Announcement

The PSC has scheduled the first stage of competitive written examinations for the following:

  • Date and Time: The examination is set for 2080/11/26 at 11:00 AM.
  • Duration: The exam will last for 45 minutes.
  • Content Focus: General Knowledge & General Mental Ability Test.
  • Format: Objective type with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Designated Examination Centers in Doti

Candidates will be allocated to one of the following centers in Doti:

  1. Kumalikot Secondary School, Kumalikot, Rajpur.
  2. Shahid Smriti Aa. Secondary School, Rajpur.
  3. Sujang Secondary School Rajpur (Centers A and B).
  4. Public Service Commission Divisional Office, Rajpur.

Key Instructions for Candidates

  • Assistant Writer Application: Those in need must apply 10 days prior to the exam, providing valid reasons and evidence as per PSC Regulations, 2079, rule 68 (1).
  • Mandatory Documents: Admission to the exam hall requires an admit card and a Nepali citizenship certificate.
  • Arrival Time: Candidates should arrive 1 hour before the exam begins.
  • Prohibited Items: The use of mobile phones, electronic devices, and calculators is strictly banned. Only black ink is permitted for writing; lead pencils are not allowed on the answer sheet.
  • OMR Answer Sheets: Answers must be marked on the provided OMR sheets.
  • Examination Center Policy: Attendance is strictly limited to the assigned examination center.

Additional Guidelines

  • Examination Day Protocol: If an unexpected holiday occurs, the examination will proceed as scheduled without prior notification from the Commission.
  • Preparation Tips: Candidates are encouraged to review general knowledge and mental ability topics extensively in preparation for the exam.

Notice Reference

This announcement is based on Notice No. 107/080-81, dated 2080/11/11, and applies to Advertisement Numbers 15701-15705/080-81 (Open and Inclusive) for positions within the Joint and Integrated Examination System of Justice and Administration Service.

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