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Lok Sewa Aayog Weekly Notices 2080 Falgun 2

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Notices of Public Service Commission (PSC), Central Office Kamalpokhri

Lok Sewa Aayog Notice regarding examination schedule: Date of commission 2080/10/24, notification no. 856/080-81 Non-Gazetted, First Class, Prabidhik Nayab Subba or equivalent (Technical) and Health Examination program for the fifth level Internal Competition, open and inclusive posts towards service

Exam Time: First Paper at 1:00 PM and Second Paper at 2:30 PM

Notice no. 878/2080-81, dated: 2080/11/2

Posts, Services, Groups and Subgroups:

  • Technical Assistant/Food Inspector, Agriculture, Food Nutrition and Quality Control
  • Assistant Geologist/Technical Assistant, Engineering, Geology, General Geology
  • Technical Assistant, Education, Education Administration, Inspection
  • Surveyor/Inspector of Survey, Engineering, Survey
  • Dental Hygienist, Health, Dentistry
  • Mechanical Supervisor/Overseer, Engineering, Mechanical, General Mechanical
  • Pharmacy Assistant, Health, Pharmacy
  • Computer Operator, Misc
  • Sub-Engineer, Engineering, Civil, General/Highway
  • Senior Lab Assistant/Assistant Chemist, Engineering, Chemistry
  • Biomedical Technician, Health, Misc
  • Ranger, Forest, National Wildlife Park
  • Meteorological Assistant, Engineering, Meteorology
  • Computer Technician, Misc
  • Library Assistant, Education, Library Science
  • Mining Sub-Inspector, Engineering, Mining
  • Animal Service Technical/Animal Health Technical, Agriculture, Livestock Production and Dairy Development/ veterinary
  • Electrician, Engineering, Electrical Engineering
  • Technical Assistant, Agriculture, Horticulture/Crop Protection/Soil Science
  • Senior Operator, Engineering, Mechanical Construction Equipment Maintenance
  • Staff Nurse, Health, Nursing, General Nursing
  • Assistant Botanist, Forest, Botany
  • Senior Mechanics/Welder, Engineering, Mechanical, Construction Equipment Maintenance
  • Physiotherapy Assistant/Assistant Physiotherapist, Health, Physiotherapy
  • Supervisor/Statistical Assistant, Economic Planning and Statistics, Statistics
  • Technical Assistant, Education, Archaeology, Museum
  • Lab Technician, Eng, Civil, Highway
  • Microfilms, Education, Art, Imagery
  • Health Assistant, Health, Health Inspection
  • Communication Assistant, Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication
  • Chronologist, Education, Archaeology, Museum helpful navigation, education, archaeology, archeology
  • Medical Recorder Supervisor, Health, Medical Records
  • Assistant Illustrator, Education, Art, Imagery
  • Public Health Nurse, Health, Public Health Nursing
  • Tibetan Language Assistant, Education, Archeology
  • Health Education Technician, Health, Health Education
  • Photographer, Federal Parliament, Education and Printing
  • Lab Technician, Health, MLT, JMLT
  • Videographer, Federal Parliament, Education and Printing
  • Mic Operator/Recording Operator, Federal Parliament, Technical
  • radiographer, health, radiography
  • Message Operator, Federal Parliament, Tech
  • ECG Technician, Health, Miscellaneous
  • Optician Assistant, Health, Misc

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