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NEB Class 11 Annual Exam Routine 2080

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NEB-National Examination Board

NEB Class 11 Annual Exam Time Table 2080: Schedule and Guidelines

The National Examination Board (NEB), Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur has released the Class 11 annual exam time table for the year 2080. The exams will be conducted for general subjects (including music, fine arts, and Sanskrit) as well as technical subject groups. Partial examinees with the first two digits of registration number 72/73/74/75/76 are also eligible to take the exams. 

Exam Schedule:

The exams will be conducted in accordance with the health safety standards and social distance guidelines prescribed by the Government of Nepal. The exam will start at 8:00 AM and end at 11:00 AM. Candidates are advised to be present at the exam center well before the exam starts. 

Dae Subject Code
2080/2/9, Tuesday Com. English 2
Anibarya Baikalpik Sanskrit Rachana 1
2080/2/10 (Wednesday) Com. Nepali 3
Alternative English 7
Commercial Fruit Prod & Orchard Mgmt (Technical Stream) 342
Commercial Goat Farming (Technical Stream) 348
2080/2/11 Thursday Physics 110
Introduction to Education 134
Instructional Pedagogy 136
Political Science 158
Home Science 164
Hotel Management 170
Sociology 172
General Law 196
Painting 326
Anibarya Byakaran (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram) 305
Anibarya Nyaya (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram) 316
Classical Music (Technical Stream) 378
2080/2/12 Friday Geography 118
Computer Science 130
Opt. Nepali 132
Maithili/ Hindi/ Newari 148/ 160/ 168
Physics Education 192
Rural Development 302
Sculpture 324
Classical Music (Vocal/ Instrument Flute) 338/ 340
Food Crops Production and Food Security (Technical Stream) 344
Introduction to Animal Housing & Sanitation (Technical Stream) 350
Computer Hardware and Architecture (Technical Stream) 354
Geo-teclmical Engineering (Technical Stream) 358
Electrical Inst. of Comm. & Industrial Bldgs (Technical Stream) 362
2080/2/14 Sunday Chemistry 112
Economics 126
Population Studies 146
Mass Communication 162
Philosophy 176
Biology Education 194
Library & Information Science 198
Environmental Education 308
Byakaran 310
Sports Science 366
2080/2/16 Tuesday Mathematics 116
Health & Physical Education 144
Psychology 152
Music 154
Linguistics 180
Co-operative Management 304
Sahitya 314
Business Studies 328
General Principle & Theories of Law 370
Opt. Shukla Yazurveda-I (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram) 307
Opt. Jyotish-I (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram) 311
Opt. Sahitya-I (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram) 315
Opt. Byakaran-I (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram) 334
2080/2/17 (Wednesday) Teaching Mathematics/Teaching Nepali/Teaching English 138/ 140/ 142
Dance 150
History/Culture 156/166
Travel & Tourism 174
Agriculture 178
Elements of Finance 306
Jyotish 312
Participatory Agriculture Ext. and Marketing (Technical Stream) 346
Commercial Poultry Fanning (Technical Stream) 352
Computer Programming (Technical Stream) 356
Road Construction Material and Testing (Technical Stream) 360
Control and Prot. of Indu. Power Sup. Sys. (Technical Stream) 364
Nepalese Legal System 368
2080/2/18Thursday Biology (Botany + Zoology) 114
Opt. English 120
Principles of Accounting —I 124
Japanese 184
Human Value Education 190
Veda/ Nitishastra/Sanskrit Rachana 318/ 320/ 332
Applied Arts 330
Classical Music (Tabala) 336
Constitutional Law & Nepali Constitution 372

Exam Guidelines:

Candidates must follow the guidelines provided by the Examination Control Office to avoid any inconvenience during the exam. 

• Absence: Candidates who are absent from the exam as per the prescribed schedule will not be allowed to take the exam later. 

• Postponement: In case of an emergency holiday, the exam will not be postponed without prior notice from the Examination Control Office. 

• Materials: Candidates should bring all the required materials, such as graph paper, charts, Goshwara vouchers, bank passbook, and log tables, for the exam. 

• Separate Answer Sheet: Candidates who take the exam for both Introduction to Education (134) and Instructional Pedagogy (136) should use a separate answer sheet. Similarly, candidates appearing for the Biology subject exam should use separate answer sheets for Botany and Zoology subjects. 

• Exam Center: The exam center cannot be changed once it has been allocated. Candidates are prohibited from carrying mobile phones, smartwatches, or any other electronic devices to the exam center. 

• District Headquarters: Examination centers will be established at the district headquarters or at a convenient location, with a minimum of one center in one district. 

In addition to the regular and grade enhancement students, those who could not get the specified grade in the exam will have another opportunity to appear for the exam. The respective schools will conduct the exam from Jestha 15th to Ashad 15th, 2080, and evaluate, publish the results, and provide the grade sheet. 

It is important for candidates to follow the guidelines provided by the Examination Control Office to avoid any inconvenience during the exam. Candidates are also advised to be present at the exam center well before the exam starts to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Exam Routine NEB Class 11 NEB

NEB - National Examinations Board

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