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Nepal Army Sainya Post Written Exam Center in Dang and Chitwan

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Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army Notice: Written Exam Building in Dang and Chiwan Established for Sainya Post

The Nepal Army has recently announced the establishment of examination buildings for the written examination of candidates selected for the Sainya post. The notice for this announcement is published under the Nepal Army advertisement no. 079/80/01 (Open and Inclusive). The written exam building is established at Sri Kali Bahadur Gan, Bharatpur Barrack, Chitwan.

This notice is a part of the Nepal Army's commitment to an open and inclusive recruitment process, where candidates from all backgrounds and regions of Nepal are given an equal opportunity to join the army. The Sainya post is a prestigious position within the Nepal Army, and the selection process is rigorous to ensure that only the most deserving candidates are chosen.

Candidates who have been selected for the written examination from Bahini Adda, Tulsipur Dang can also appear for the written examination at the examination building established in that location. This notice is published under Nepal Army advertisement no. 079/80/1 (Open and Inclusive), Sainya Post Shri no. 19.

It is important for candidates to prepare well for the written examination, as it is a crucial step towards their selection as a Sainya in the Nepal Army. The written examination will test their knowledge, skills, and aptitude, and only those who perform well will move on to the next stage of the selection process.

In conclusion, the Nepal Army's commitment to an open and inclusive recruitment process is commendable, and the establishment of examination buildings in different locations across Nepal is a step in the right direction. We encourage all eligible candidates to apply for the Sainya post and wish them the best of luck for the written examination.

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