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SEE 2081 Examination Form Fill Up Notice from NEB

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NEB-National Examination Board

SEE 2081 Examination Form Fill Up Notice from NEB

SEE Examination Application Process for Academic Year 2080

The National Examination Board of Nepal is calling all class 10 students to complete their application forms for the upcoming Secondary Education Examination (SEE). This applies to students in traditional, non-formal, and technical education streams.

Registration Requirements

  • Dates: Application forms are to be filled from 24th Kartik 2080 to end of Mangsir 2080.
  • Exam Fee: Rs. 500 within the deadline and Rs. 1000 for late submissions.

Documentation for Application

  • Half-cut copy of registration
  • Certificate of passing from class 8 or equivalent
  • Birth registration certificate
  • Two recent passport-size photographs in school uniform

For Open and Alternative School Students

  • Adherence to guidelines specified in the Distance Education/Open Learning Program Operation Guideline (amendments) 2063.
  • Basic level class 8 certificate and principal-verified birth certificate.

Submission Protocol

  • Schools must ensure that student details are accurate and submit applications to the Education Development and Coordination Unit by the 16th of Poush 2080.
  • Revenue from exam fees should be deposited by the 20th of Poush 2080 under Revenue Title No. 14223.

Further Steps

  • Education Development and Coordination Units must send an electronic copy of the applications to the National Examination Board by Magh 10, 2081.
  • Admit cards, symbol numbers, and examination centers will be coordinated and determined by the relevant authorities.

Important Notices for Schools and Students

  • Ensure that all students register at their current school only to avoid cancellation of multiple applications.
  • Schools transferring students in class 10 must maintain separate records and communicate with the Education Development Directorate accordingly.
  • The last day for students to fill out the application form is stipulated, and schools are responsible for compliance.

Grade Improvement Candidates

  • Students who wish to improve their grades from the 2077, 2078, and 2079 exams must fill out the application for the subjects they wish to improve.
  • Grade increase candidates should use the yellow color form only.

Final Reminders

  • Schools must submit all necessary documents, including practical score tables, to the Education Development and Coordination Unit by Falgun 10, 2080.
  • Registration and application for open, alternative, and non-formal adult schools must be completed simultaneously.

Stay Updated

For the latest details, students and educators should visit the National Examination Board's websites or contact them directly at the provided phone numbers.

Notice SEE NEB

NEB - National Examinations Board

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