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Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality

Mehalmudi, Kalikot

Estd. 2017




Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality (सान्नी त्रिवेणी गाउँपालिका) was established in 2017 (2074 BS) as a local government of Nepal. The headquarters of the Sanni Triveni Gaunpalika is located in Mehalmudi, Kalikot district, Karnali Province of Nepal. Rural Municipality is known as Gaunpalika in the Nepali Language. Sanni Triveni Gaunpalika is surrounded by Raskot Municipality on the East, Narharinath Rural Municipality on the West, Bajura District the North, and Khandachakra Municipality on the South. The altitude is 5218.48 feet height from sea level and 754 Km distance from Kathmandu. Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Mage Sankranti, Krishna Janmashtami, Buddha Jayanti, Hari Tabika Teej, Shivaratri, Pathai festival, are the main festivals of this Rural municipality. Its temperature is found at a maximum temperature of 35 degrees and a minimum temperature of 8 degrees.

The total area of the Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality is 136.71 km2 (52.78 sq mi) and the total population of the rural municipality according to 2011 (2068 BS) Nepal census is 12,846 individual. The density of this rural municipality is 94/km2 (240/sq mi). This Rural municipality is divided into 9 wards.

Mugraha, Mehalmudi and Ranku Village development committees (VDCs) were incorporated to form Sanni Triveni Gaunpalika, This rural municipality came into existence on Ashoj 1, 2074 BS), fulfilling the requirement of the Constitution of Nepal 2015 (2072 BS). Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration replaced all old VDCs and Municipalities into 753 new local level bodies.

Contact Details of Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality, Kalikot

Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality

Address : Mehalmudi, Kalikot, Karnali Province, Nepal


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