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Bhairabi Rural Municipality

Bhairi Kalikathum, Dailekh

Estd. 2017


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Bhairabi Rural Municipality (भैरवी गाउँपालिका) was established in 2017 (2073 BS) as a local government of Nepal. The office of the Bhairabi Gaunpalika is located in Bhairi Kalikathum, Dailekh district, Karnali Province of Nepal. Rural Municipality is known as Gaunpalika in the Nepali Language. Bhairabi Gaunpalika is surrounded by Chhamghat River on the East, Bhairabi Gadjiula River on the West, Kalikot district on the North and Dullu Municipality South.

The total area of the Bhairabi Rural Municipality is 110.46 square kilometers (42.65 sq mi) and the total population of the rural municipality according to 2011 (2068 BS) Nepal census is 21,233 (10,793 Female and 10440 Male) individuals living in 3,976 individual households. The density of this municipality is 190/km2 (500/sq mi). This Rural municipality is divided into 7 wards.

A small portion of Dullu Municipality with Bhairi Kalikathum, Kusapani, Kasikandh and Rawalkot Village development committees (VDCs) were incorporated to form this Gaunpalika, This rural municipality came into existence on 10th March 2017 (Falgun 27, 2073 BS), fulfilling the requirement of the new Constitution of Nepal 2015, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) replaced all old VDCs and Municipalities into 753 new local level bodies.

The economy of Bhairabi Gaunpalika typically depends upon agriculture, forest, herbs, and river. It has only one bank and few Cooperative limited.

Contact Details of Bhairabi Rural Municipality, Dailekh

Bhairabi Rural Municipality

Address : Bhairi Kalikathum, Dailekh, Karnali Province, Nepal


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