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Indrawati Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok

Nawalpur, Sindhupalchok

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Indrawati Rural Municipality (इन्द्रावती गाउँपालिका) belongs to Bagmati Pradesh according to the last administrative division of Nepal. It is located in a high hilly area with the natural scenic structure on the banks of the river.105.11 sq. Km. It has Panchpokhari Thangpal and Jugal Gaupalika in the north, Melamchinagar Municipality in the west, Kavrepalanchok District in the south, and Chautara Sangachokgadhi Municipality and Jugal Gaupalika in the east.

As per the decision of the Government of Nepal, the former VDCs were declared as Indravati Gaupalika including Simpalkaver, Kunchok, Nawalpur, Wandegaun, Sipapokhare, Bhotsipa, and Bhimtar respectively. There are 12 wards in this village municipality. According to the National Census, 2068 BS, Indravati Gaupalika has a population of 28517 of which males constitute 46.91 percent (13376 ) and females 53.09 percent (15141). According to the National Census 2068 BS, the highest number of Tamang castes is 7414 (26 percent), followed by Brahmins (hill) 4282 (15.02 percent) and Chhetri 4184 (14.67 percent). In terms of education, there are a total of 59 educational institutions including 12 community secondary schools, 39 basic and 8 community child development centers.

Agribusiness has the largest share in the average family income in this village and other sources of income of the locals are trade, animal husbandry, small scale industries, services, jobs. In addition, foreign employment is one of the alternatives. Looking for an alternative to the traditional agribusiness, the people here are gradually enjoying the modern agrarian system and lifestyle. The number of local manpower going abroad for wages and studies is increasing. There are educational institutions providing basic to higher education in this village municipality. Local students from this village have been going to other neighboring municipalities and districts for technical education and higher-level studies. Although most of the houses have been electrified, some of the marginalized citizens have not been able to access electricity. Due to the difficulties in the implementation of the planned development program and necessary financial management, the expected development of this village municipality area does not seem to be possible. Various festivals like New Year, Losar, Udhauli, Ubholi, Saune Sakranti, Krishna Janmashtami, Teej, Dashain, Tihar, Maghe Sakranti, Chaite Dashain, etc. are celebrated in this region inhabited by people of different communities and castes.

Geographical location:

Gaupalika is located at an altitude of 654 m above sea level. Located in Sindhupalchok district, 105.11 sq. Km. It is spread over an area of ​​Panchpokhari Thangpal Gaupalika and Jugal Gaupalika to the north, Melamchi Municipality to the west, Kavreplanchok District to the south and Chautara Sangachokgadhi Municipality and Jugal Gaupalika to the east. Although some parts of the hilly areas are covered by cultivable fertile land, most of the hilly areas are covered by hilly areas. There is no shortage of forest and watershed areas in this village. There are many small and big rivers and streams. The main reservoir of this village is the Indravati river.

The political and administrative center:

According to the report prepared by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development on the number of village municipalities, municipalities and special, protected or autonomous areas and the Boundary Delimitation Commission dated 2073 Poush 22, the committee formed under the coordination of Hon'ble Federal Affairs and Local Development On the basis of the report submitted, the Government of Nepal dated 2073 Falgun 22 as follows former VDCs Sipalkavre, Kunchowk, Nawalpur, Badegau, Sipapokhare, Indrawati, and Bhimtara in 12 wards, has been maintained. Currently, the structure of Indrawati village is as follows.

Contact Address:

Location: Nawalpur, Sindhupalchok, Bagmati Pradesh, Nepal

Telephone: +977-1-6203090

Email: [email protected]


Contact Details of Indrawati Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok, Sindhupalchok


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