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Agriculture and Livestock Development Minister Emphasizes Need for Progress in Agricultural Research

News 15 Jun 2024 111 0

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Agriculture and Livestock Development Minister Emphasizes Need for Progress in Agricultural Research

Agriculture and Livestock Development Minister Jwalakumari Sah has expressed concerns about the lack of effective research results in the agricultural sector. This statement comes amid complaints from agricultural scientists about budget constraints for research.

Minister's Concerns

During the 11th National Horticulture Workshop organized by the National Horticulture Research Center under the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC), Minister Sah voiced her dissatisfaction with the performance of NARC scientists. She stated, "NARC scientists need to work in a way that produces results, but that hasn't been the case. Tell us what the government or ministry needs to do to ensure better work, but you need to deliver results."

Need for Planned Research

Minister Sah emphasized the importance of creating short-term plans for agricultural research. She suggested, "Bring forth a work plan. Specify what can be achieved in three months, six months, etc. If you work with a clear plan, the ministry will support you." She repeatedly urged scientists to focus on producing visible results, making it easier to justify investment and support.

Workshop Activities

The two-day national workshop will feature 55 research papers. Ninety scientists will participate, presenting papers on their respective fields. According to horticultural scientist Amar Pun, the workshop aims to review existing research in agriculture and develop plans for future activities, focusing on increasing production and reducing imports.

Budget Constraints and Solutions

Scientists have pointed out the lack of budget as a significant barrier to necessary research. Pun mentioned, "Due to budget constraints, we haven't been able to carry out essential tasks." Highlighting the critical role of funding in agricultural research, it is evident that the government and ministry need to address these financial issues.


There is a pressing need for planned and effective research in agriculture to produce meaningful results. Budget constraints have hindered research progress, and it is crucial for the government and ministry to manage budgets efficiently. Only through successful research outcomes can improvements be made in the agricultural sector.