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Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality Introduces 'Sanskar Shiksha' for Cultural and Moral Education

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Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality

Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality Introduces 'Sanskar Shiksha' for Cultural and Moral Education

In a significant step towards preserving cultural heritage and instilling moral values, Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality of Syangja has initiated the teaching of 'Sanskar Shiksha'. This program aims to bridge the gap in cultural and moral education among the younger generation.

Purpose of Sanskar Shiksha

Prakash Tiwari, chairman of Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality, emphasized the importance of cultural education in protecting and enriching the cultural values of the next generation. The initiative targets students in classes 6, 7, and 8, aiming to make them more aware of their cultural roots and moral responsibilities.

Local Curriculum Integration

  • Target Classes: 6, 7, and 8
  • Textbook Content: Stories and poems that convey moral knowledge
  • Curriculum Development: Tailored to local cultural contexts

Chairman Tiwari highlighted that Sanskar Shiksha is the first of its kind in Nepal, implemented under a curriculum designed by Dr. Swami Keshawananda. The rural municipality has also developed textbooks covering local subjects for classes 1 to 5.

Importance of Cultural Education

The teaching of Sanskar Shiksha addresses the decline in moral education due to the dominance of modern educational practices. This program aims to:

  • Preserve Ritual Culture: Educate students about customs, traditions, and behaviors.
  • Instill Moral Values: Promote ethical conduct through engaging educational materials.
  • Enhance Cultural Awareness: Ensure the younger generation understands and respects their heritage.

Implementation and Accessibility

Sanskar Shiksha is currently being taught in eleven community and institutional schools within the municipality. The rural municipality has taken steps to make this education accessible:

  • Free Textbooks: Provided to students at no cost
  • Content Review: Ongoing preparations to revise and update the textbook content to ensure relevance and accuracy


Arjun Chaupari Rural Municipality's initiative to introduce Sanskar Shiksha is a forward-thinking approach to education, blending traditional values with modern learning. By prioritizing cultural and moral education, the municipality aims to create a well-rounded and culturally aware generation. This program not only enriches the students' knowledge of their heritage but also strengthens their moral foundation, preparing them to be responsible and ethical members of society.

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