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Asal Sanskar Class in Nawalpur Cultivating Practical Knowledge

News 06 Nov 2023 281 0

Asal Sanskar Class in Nawalpur Cultivating Practical Knowledge

Asal Sanskar Class in Nawalpur Cultivating Practical Knowledge and Etiquette in Nawalpur's Youth

Kawasoti, Nawalpur, November 6, 2023 – In the serene town of Gandakot, Nawalpur, a unique educational initiative has been launched aimed at the holistic development of children. The 'Asal Sanskar' class, dedicated to imparting practical knowledge and good manners, has been making strides in shaping the younger generation.

Educational Approach Amidst Social Challenges

  • Venue for Learning: The classes are hosted at the Sri Vaishnava Parishad building in Gaindakot Municipality-1, creating a dedicated space for learning and growth.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Under the guidance of Srimad Bhagavat speaker Yashoda Amaji, the program includes lessons on ethics, moral knowledge, and even bhajankirtan, blending traditional values with engaging activities.

Interactive Learning Experience

  • Engaging Sessions: The classes are scheduled every Saturday and are designed to be interactive, combining play with education, thereby resonating with the children.
  • Lifestyle Skills: The curriculum is crafted to incorporate useful daily rituals and social skills, enriching the children's everyday experiences.

Parental Concerns and Responses

  • Combatting Digital Distraction: Addressing concerns from parents about excessive mobile phone usage, the classes aim to redirect children's attention towards constructive activities.
  • Social Integration: An emphasis on real-world interactions is part of the course, teaching children how to engage within their community effectively.

The Asal Sanskar Initiative

  • Routine and Discipline: Anushree Paudel, speaking on the program, highlights that Asal Sanskar is an innovative step towards inculcating a disciplined and meaningful daily routine among the youth.
  • Balanced Development: The class strikes a balance by integrating good manners, yoga, meditation, pranayama, and behavioral skills into its syllabus, all through accessible technology.

Parental Satisfaction and Support

  • Beyond Academic Learning: Sushila Regmi expresses the satisfaction parents feel, as the classes provide practical life skills that go beyond traditional academic knowledge.
  • Filling Educational Gaps: The course fills a crucial gap by teaching children interpersonal skills and hospitality, essentials that are often overlooked in formal schooling.

Overall, the Asal Sanskar class in Nawalpur is more than just a weekend educational session; it is a formative experience for children to learn essential life skills. With its hands-on approach to instilling good habits, social etiquette, and moral principles, the program is setting a new standard for child development, receiving an encouraging nod from both children and parents alike. This initiative stands as a testament to the community's commitment to nurturing well-rounded, socially adept, and culturally grounded future citizens.

Image Credit to Mina Kandel

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