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Balkalyan Secondary School in Lamjung Celebrates Golden Jubilee

News 31 Dec 2023 190 0

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Balkalyan Secondary School in Lamjung Celebrates 50 Years with Remarkable Community Support

Lamjung, [31 December 2023]: Balkalyan Secondary School, located in Dordi Rural Municipality 7 Phaleni, Lamjung, commemorated its Golden Jubilee, celebrating 50 years of educational service. The milestone event was marked by significant financial contributions from local donors, totaling an impressive 40 Lakh 18 thousand rupees.

Local Community Rallies in Support of Education

The Golden Jubilee celebration served as a successful platform for a financial support campaign aimed at establishing Akshay Kosh, a renewable fund for the school. Spearheaded by School Principal Navraj Ghimire, the campaign witnessed substantial community participation, with over 250 individuals contributing. Kharba Tamang, a local from Dordi 8 Bansar, made a noteworthy donation of three lakh rupees, the highest individual contribution.

Continued Efforts for Educational Advancement

Principal Ghimire expressed the school's commitment to continue these financial efforts beyond the Golden Jubilee. The aim is to increase the Akshay Kosh fund, which will be instrumental in enhancing the educational quality of the school. "The dedication of our community in supporting these initiatives is truly heartening," said Ghimire.

Focus on Student Welfare and Infrastructure

Balkalyan Secondary School, serving a significant number of students from the Gurung community in Dhordi, Phaleni, and Bansar areas, has been at the forefront of initiating programs for student welfare. The school plans to use the funds for scholarships, building hostels, and providing vehicle facilities for students from low-income families. Currently, more than 200 students are reaping the benefits of these enhanced educational facilities.

Community Participation in School Development

The school's journey to its current state is a testament to the collective efforts of people's representatives and local residents of Dordi, who played a crucial role in building the school's infrastructure. "Our progress is a reflection of our community's unwavering support and belief in the power of education," Ghimire added.

The Golden Jubilee of Balkalyan Secondary School not only marks a historic milestone but also sets a precedent for community involvement in educational development. As the school embarks on its next 50 years, the continued support and dedication of the local community promise a brighter future for its students.

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