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CEDB Hydropower Company Notice for IPO Allotment

News 16 May 2021 2432 0

CEDB Hydropower Company Notice for IPO Allotment

CEDB Hydropower Company Notice for IPO Allotment:

CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited Issue IPO of 25,18,230 units at a face value of Rs. 100 per share. 2% i.e. 50,365 units ordinary shares reserved for the employees of the company and 5% or 1,25,911 units ordinary shares have been allotted to the collective investment funds and the remaining 23,41,954 units ordinary shares have been allotted from 17th Baishakh, 2078 to 21st of Baishakh, 2078. The general public was invited to buy.

CEDB would like to inform the applicants who have duly applied within that period for the information regarding the distribution of the shares of the company as per the prevailing law regarding the distribution on Friday, 31st Baishakh 2078.

Out of the 16,90,069 applicants who applied for the eviction, 4,442 unapproved applicants were not included in the distribution, while the remaining 10 units to 10,000 units were applied to 16,85,627 applicants at a minimum rate of 10 units. 2341950 units of shares were distributed.

A total of 23,41,954 shares have been distributed to the remaining 4 units of shares from 20 to 10,000 units of applicants by selecting 4 units at the rate of 1 lot more from the applicants.

Applicants can view the details of the distribution from CDS & Clearing Limited at, Sunrise Capital Limited's website and CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited's website Is informed.

In addition, all C-ASWA members have been informed through this notice that the remaining amount of the undistributed shares has been discharged from the bank accounts of the applicants concerned.

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