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Community Schools In Kailali Do Not Conduct Social Tests On Time

News 08 Nov 2022 63 0

Kailali District Map

Most of the public schools in Kailali do not conduct social tests on time. Although every public school has to conduct social tests on time, numerically few schools conduct social tests on time.

According to the education regulations, the school should publish the social test report before the stakeholders by the end of August. Although some schools have done it before, most of the schools are doing it lately. The Education Department has informed that the Dasain Tihar holiday has been delayed a bit. There is a provision that if the public hearing report is not submitted even by the end of last year, service facilities will be cut.

So far this year, out of 33 community schools under Tikapur municipality, only three schools have conducted social tests. Naresh Awasthi, Education Officer of Tikapur Municipality informed that 30 schools have not yet conducted the social testing program.

"So far, three schools have completed the social test, we have asked them to complete it by the end of October", he said, "If it is not done on time, the grant coming for the social test will be stopped."

According to the municipality, most of the schools in Janaki Rural Municipality of Kailali have already completed the social testing program. "Only a few schools have yet to do the program.

The rest of the schools will also have to do it by the end of October", said Education Officer Dharmanand Kapadi, "If the social test report is not made public by the end of October, there is a provision to stop the salary payment. There is a provision to do it till the end of August, but we have given instructions to do it till the end of October."

According to him, 13 schools have already held public meetings. Twenty-one schools have completed social testing but are yet to collect. According to the municipality, most of the schools in Joshipur rural municipality have completed the social testing program.

Of the 23 community schools in the rural municipality, about 70 percent of the schools have completed the social testing program and the remaining schools are also in the preparation stage, said Sangramsingh Dhami, an officer of the village education branch of Joshipur.

"Out of twenty-three, 70 percent have done it. We have instructed the rest, now you will do it", he said, "Due to the Dasain Tihar holiday, there has been a delay in doing it on time. Now you can." Similarly, in Lamkichuha municipality of Kailali, out of 46 community schools, only 16 schools have completed the social test and published the report. Lamkichuha Municipality Education Branch Head Gaurikant Neupane informed that the rest of the schools are preparing to release the social test report.

There are a total of 565 schools in the Kailali district. These public schools in the district should undergo social tests according to the standards. Most schools usually conduct social tests. There is a complaint from parents who do it because they have to be tested. "Parents should gather and publicize the social test report, which will know the condition of the school, the needs, problems, and solutions of the school can be found from the meeting", says parent Lakshmi Thapa, "The meeting should be meaningful. There are very few schools that invite all stakeholders. It is not enough to do a program for the sake of the program.”

They say that actions such as parent tests and gatherings will help in educational improvement and increase educational quality. "Not only the school but also the condition of the children is known", said parent Ratna Dhami, "which makes everyone responsible." Even though public schools perform social tests and other activities in this way, in the case of private schools, it does not seem that such a system is implemented. According to the parents, private schools also need to be strictly informed about the educational and other conditions of the school by conducting social tests and gatherings.