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Govt School Teacher Accused of Physically Assaulting Student in Shivalaya Rural Municipality

News 19 Feb 2023 233 0

Government School in Nepal

A shocking incident has taken place in Shivalaya Rural Municipality Jajarkot, where a government school teacher, Deepak Khatri, allegedly beat up a student named Janaki Vick, causing her to faint. The incident occurred in Nepal Rastriya Secondary School located in Shivalaya Rural Municipality-1 Syapri, where Janaki was studying in class 9. Her father, Bir Bahadur Luhar, shared that the teacher had beaten Janaki so severely that she became unconscious.

According to Bir Bahadur Luhar, the teacher had a quarrel with Janaki's friends, and in frustration, he took out his anger on her. The severity of the beating was such that treatment at the local hospital was not enough, and she had to be admitted to a nursing home in Nepalgunj, Banke.

The news of the incident has created outrage among the students and parents of the school, who are demanding the immediate removal of teachers who resort to physical abuse as a means of punishment. Deepak Khatri, who was teaching mathematics and science subjects in the school, has come under severe criticism from the community.

Such incidents highlight the need for schools to have strict policies and guidelines regarding the use of physical punishment as a means of disciplining students. It is imperative to create a safe and nurturing environment in schools that promote the holistic development of students. Teachers should focus on using positive reinforcement techniques that help students grow and thrive, rather than resorting to physical abuse.

The incident in Shivalaya Rural Municipality is a wake-up call for the education sector to take concrete steps to address the issue of physical punishment in schools. The use of physical violence as a means of disciplining students is unacceptable, and all efforts must be made to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in the future.

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