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Janaki Rural Municipality Builds First-Ever Separate School for Girls

News 23 Apr 2023 551 0

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Janaki Rural Municipality Builds First-Ever Separate School for Girls

Janaki Rural Municipality, Banke has taken a remarkable step toward girls' education by building a separate school for girls for the first time. Nepal Rastriya Basic School, located in Ward No. 3 Manpur, has been transformed into Nepal Rastriyab Girls' Basic School. 

The establishment of a separate girls' school aims to bring female students into the mainstream of education, as 100% of the girl students in Janaki did not have access to schools before. The new school is expected to play an effective role in attracting female students who were previously unable to enroll. 

In the last academic session, the school had 281 students, most of whom were girls students. The school will no longer allow male students to enroll, and it will now be teaching up to class 6. The chief administrative officer of the village, Sinharaj Dangi, said that the school was established to make female students' education more systematic and accessible.

To attract students, the school has brought new programs from the new academic session, which will further support education of Janaki. Additionally, school uniforms and educational materials will be provided free of cost to female students. The school will also provide free transportation services for school girls.

Krishnakumari Bhandari, the education officer of the education, youth, and sports branch of the rural municipality, said that the new school will be more organized and extended to the secondary level by adding more classes. 

This new initiative by Janaki Rural Municipality is a positive step towards bridging the gender gap in education and empowering women through education. It sets an example for other regions to follow suit and invest in education for girls.

Published on 23 April 2023