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Lok Sewa Aayog Press Release 2078 Magha 21

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Due to the problem of Covid-19, as per the decision of the Public Service Commission dated 2078-10-6, all the written competitive examinations conducted by the Commission from 2078-10-11 to 2078 Magha end were postponed. And the decision to reschedule all examinations after 2078-11-1.

As per the decision of the Commission dated 2078-10-19, all the remaining civil and security agencies and organized organizations are to be operated by the Commission in compliance with the criteria related to health safety prescribed by the Government of Nepal and examination (operation and management) criteria in special cases of transition approved by the Commission. Written Competitive Examinations It has been decided to conduct the examinations from 2078-11-1 and Gazetted Second Class, Deputy Secretary or similar (Non-Technical / Technical), Ninth Level towards Health Services, Gazetted Third Class (Technical) Section Officer or Similarly, seventh and eighth level examination programs for health services have been published.

The examinations of various advertisements for the civil service scheduled to be conducted by the Commission from 2078-11-1 will be conducted according to this program.

Examination programs for security agencies and organizations will be published soon. Also, out of the advertisements of the Fiscal Year 2076/77, 2077/78, and 2078/79, all the examinations have been postponed as per the order of the court following the writ petition filed in the court regarding the staff adjustment in the esteemed Supreme Court and High Court. This information has been published for the information of all concerned.

Magha 21, 2078

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