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Nationwide Launch of Local Level Health Insurance Programs in Nepal

News 07 Apr 2024 605 0

Health Insurance Board Notice

Nationwide Launch of Local Level Health Insurance Programs in Nepal

As of April 7, 2024, all 753 local levels across the nation have successfully launched health insurance programs. This milestone was achieved on the 8th anniversary of Nepal’s health insurance initiative, marking a significant achievement in national healthcare accessibility.

Key Developments:

  • Final Implementation: The last region to adopt the program was Budhanilkantha municipality in Kathmandu. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' commemorated the occasion by distributing insurance certificates to senior citizens, officially initiating the service in the area.
  • Program Origins: The health insurance scheme was first introduced in Kailali eight years prior, setting the foundation for this nationwide rollout.

Coverage and Participation:

  • Current Coverage: Dr. Damodar Basaula, the executive director of the board, reported that 7,741,483 individuals, or 26.54% of the population, are now enrolled in the health insurance program.
  • Government-Supported Premiums: Approximately 22% of the insured are in targeted categories that benefit from government-paid premiums.
  • Total Insured Families: The program has expanded to cover 23,92,766 families.

Future Plans and Enhancements:

  • Mandatory Insurance for Government Employees: Dr. Gunaraj Lohani, Chairman of the Health Insurance Board, revealed plans to require health insurance for all government agency employees, further integrating the program into national policy.
  • Digital Enrollment Initiatives: Starting Baishakh 1, 2080 (April 13, 2024), a new online system will be available for health insurance registration. This platform will facilitate easier access for citizens to join the program by entering their details and paying the requisite fees online.
  • Long-Term Goals: The government's ambition is to encompass the entire population under the health insurance umbrella by the year 2090 BS (2034 AD).

This comprehensive implementation underscores Nepal’s commitment to enhancing healthcare access for all citizens, leveraging technology and policy to ensure widespread coverage and participation in the health insurance program. For more information or to enroll, please visit the official website or contact the Health Insurance Board directly.