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Naturopathic Hospital in East Nawalparasi Become Naturopathic Teaching Hospital

News 13 Sep 2022 229 0

Naturopathic Teaching Hospital Nawalparasi

The naturopathic hospital in Rajhar of East Nawalparasi will be developed as a teaching hospital for teaching naturopathic medicine. The hospital, which was established in the year 2064 BS by organizing the Dhandhanyanchal Mahayagya, started treatment services in the year 2067 BS. Hospital manager Hari Sapkota said necessary preparations have been made to make it the country's first naturopathy teaching hospital.

It is spread over an area of ​​ten bighas. Although it can treat 300 patients residentially, due to various technical reasons, 120 patients can be provided regular services. The manager informed that the construction of a hospital with 300 beds will be started within the next few months.

The hospital has prepared to become a teaching hospital by taking affiliation from Nepal Sanskrit University. The Nepal Sanskrit University has said that it has been sent to the Medical Education Commission for permission to conduct Bachelor in Naturopathy and Yoga Science (BNYC) classes in the hospital for the first year.

Since the hospital has made necessary preparations and the university and medical education commission are also positive, the class will be conducted from next year. Every year thousands of students from Nepal go to India to study naturopathy, if a teaching hospital is started here, the academic manpower related to naturopathy will be produced within the country and money will stop going out.

Since there is no teaching of naturopathic medicine in Nepal yet, they are going to operate a teaching hospital. From creating 14 different departments required for the teaching hospital to the construction of physical structures including hostels, the work has reached its final stage. The 10-bigha land discussed by the hospital has been given rights of occupancy by the Nepal government in the name of the hospital and the process has been advanced through the Ministry of Health to acquire more public land in the vicinity.

This hospital gained fame as the best isolation in the country during the corona epidemic. Based on naturopathic medicine, this hospital provides treatment using earth, water, air, fire, water, as well as herbs, scientific massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, yoga, and meditation.

Treatment services are provided through naturopathy and yoga methods, especially to patients who are unable to recover from medical treatment.