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Online Application for Driving License Will be Open From Jeshta 4

News 10 May 2022 717 0

Driving License

Online Application for Driving License will be open From the 4th of Jestha, 2079 (18th May 2022). The Department of Transportation is preparing to take the driving license exam within 15 days of applying online. The department is going to make arrangements for the service recipients to contact the office within 15 days by opening the license application from the 4th of Jestha, 2079 (18th May 2022).

At the same time, the obligation to sit on the waiting list for the license exam for the previous two years will end. Similarly, the Director-General of the Department Namaraj Ghimire said that those who have yet to sit for the examination for the previous license have already taken the examination. In the coming days, the department will be able to take applications from the system to the service offices across the country.

Director-General of the Department, Ghimire, said that the system is being developed in such a way that the contact date of any service office should not be more than 15 days and if it takes more than that time. He said that this would put an end to the long waiting list. "In the system we are developing now, applicants will be able to apply at all the service offices across the country.

The date of which office is to be visited within 15 days of submitting the application will also be confirmed at the time of application. The service recipients will be able to register by filling in all their details, create a user ID, upload Nepali citizenship and apply, ”he said. He said, “Nowadays, the revenue to be paid to the government while applying will also have to be paid online in advance. Also, on the recommendation of a doctor registered with the Nepal Medical Council, the applicant who has a medical pass can register online and submit the received PDF within 15 days to contact the Transportation Service Office for biometrics. ”

Director-General Ghimire said that the department has been developing such a system only for the service seekers who want to get a license as the number of applicants in the system has been very low in recent times. If the applicant fails to appear for the examination within 15 days of application or has an advance pack, the application the applicant will be rejected. For this, the applicant can apply at another serviced office or will have to wait for another day. With the development of the new system, regular distribution of smart vehicle licenses will be easier, said the department. The department had stopped online applications for transport offices across the country from April 1.

The department has claimed that the online application can be filled and now the service flow online will be streamlined. The application system is ready to allow the applicants to see the available vacancies within 15 days in any of the transport offices across the country and to make an arrangement and pay the fee online immediately by applying at the office of their choice.

The department has stated that the system is being developed so that 15,000 people can avail of the services daily from 24 service offices across the country. The department is going to arrange a contact date in the office in 15 days as the number of applicants but the number of people coming to participate in the trial examination is very low.

According to the department, the application will be closed completely during the examination. "It has been found that people apply and hold for the exam but do not appear for the exam." Director-General Ghimire said: Because of this, they will get the opportunity only because it is very necessary. ”