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Public Service Commission Announces Various Vacancies in Technical and Health Services

News 17 Nov 2023 2463 0

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Public Service Commission Announces Various Vacancies in Technical and Health Sectors

In a significant recruitment drive, the Public Service Commission PSC (Lok Sewa Aayog) has announced a plethora of vacancies in the technical and health sectors. On Friday, the Commission released a notice calling for applications to fill 257 positions across various levels and services.

Vacancy Details

  • Technical Staff: The bulk of the recruitment is for technical staff, with 216 positions open.
  • Health Service: In the health service sector, 4 positions are available at the seventh level and 36 at the eighth level.
  • Human Rights Services: There is also a singular, specialized position at the third level for human rights services.

Application Process

  • The Commission is committed to an open and inclusive hiring system. As such, it encourages all interested and qualified individuals to apply.
  • Deadline: The application window is narrow, with a closing date set for November 19.
  • Application Fee: A fee of 1,200 is required, with an additional 400 for each group for those applying to multiple group and sub-group posts.
  • Online Submission: Applications can be conveniently submitted online via the Commission's official website.

Encouraging Inclusive Participation

This recruitment drive represents a significant opportunity for professionals in the technical and health sectors. The Commission's decision to adopt an open and inclusive system for these positions underlines its commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in public service employment.

Applicants are advised to carefully review the eligibility criteria and prepare their applications in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Public Service Commission. This recruitment initiative is poised to bring fresh talent and expertise to the public sector, contributing to the overall development and efficiency of services.

Published Date: 2080/08/01 (17th November 2023)

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