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School Adjustments in Narharinath Rural Municipality, Kalikot District

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School Adjustments in Narharinath Rural Municipality, Kalikot District

The Narharinath Rural Municipality of Kalikot district has recently completed a significant adjustment of 17 schools within its jurisdiction. This initiative, which began in 2074 by the local government, has been fully implemented in 2081.

Implementation Details

The adjustments were based on decisions made by the Village Education Committee on 2081 Jestha 17th and the Village Executive on 2081 Jestha 18th. According to these decisions:

  • 17 schools have been merged with nearby schools.
  • Correspondence has been sent to the respective schools to enforce these adjustments.

Specific Adjustments

Head of Youth Sports and Education Branch, Durglal Neupane, provided detailed information on the adjustments:

  • 11 schools will only maintain Child Development Centers, with other classes being relocated.
  • 3 Child Development Centers have been integrated into nearby schools.
  • 3 schools offering education up to Class 8 have been adjusted so that only Classes 6 to 8 remain, with lower classes merged elsewhere.

Reason for Adjustments

The primary reason for these adjustments is the declining number of students in rural schools. Many students are moving to cities to attend institutional schools, leading to a decrease in enrollment in government schools. This trend necessitated the consolidation of schools and classrooms to optimize resources and maintain educational standards.

Impact on Schools and Teachers

Despite the adjustments, the number of teaching positions will remain unchanged. Teachers will continue their roles at the newly adjusted schools, ensuring that the quality of education is not compromised.

Ward-Level Adjustments

The adjustments affect schools in Wards No. 1 to 9 within the rural municipality. Specific adjustments have been made in secondary schools across these wards to better serve the student population.

Increasing Enrollment at Nanda Devi Secondary School

In contrast to the general trend, Nanda Devi Secondary School has seen an increase in student enrollment. This rising attraction indicates a positive shift and a growing preference for this institution.


The school adjustments in Narharinath Rural Municipality reflect a strategic response to changing educational needs. By consolidating resources and maintaining teaching positions, the municipality aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its educational system. These changes are crucial for adapting to the evolving landscape of student enrollment and ensuring sustainable educational development in the region.

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