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Tribhuvan University BCA Graduates Gain Equal Recognition in Government Jobs

News 05 Feb 2024 478 0

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Tribhuvan University BCA Graduates Gain Equal Recognition in Government Jobs

Tribhuvan University (TU) has taken a significant step forward in addressing the concerns of Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) graduates regarding their eligibility for government service positions in Nepal. This move ensures that BCA students are now recognized on par with their counterparts in science and technology fields for recruitment in various government agencies. Here's an overview of the recent developments and their implications for BCA graduates:

Resolution of Eligibility Issues

  • Inclusive Government Job Advertisements: TU's Rector's office has issued directives to all relevant government agencies, ensuring that BCA graduates are now eligible to apply for positions advertised, specifically those related to Information Technology (IT).

  • Past Challenges: Previously, BCA graduates faced obstacles when applying for roles such as Assistant Director (IT) at the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), and IT officer positions at the Agricultural Development Bank Limited (ADBL), Rastriay Banijya Bank Limited, Nepal Bank Limited, Nepal Police, Nepal Army, Nepal Telecom, among others. These barriers are now removed, opening new avenues for BCA graduates.

Opportunities for BCA Graduates

  • Eligibility for IT Posts: An official from TU's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences confirmed that BCA graduates would face no hurdles in applying for IT-related government positions moving forward. This update provides a clear path for BCA students aspiring to enter the government sector.

  • Consideration for Past Advertisements: While the new policy is a welcome change, there is uncertainty regarding the eligibility for positions advertised before this announcement. Decisions for such cases will be at the discretion of the respective hiring bodies.

Expansion to Other IT-related Courses

  • Inclusion of BEd ICT and BICTE Courses: TU has also advocated for the inclusion of Bachelor of Education in Information Technology (BEd ICT) and Bachelor of Information, Communication, Technology Education (BICTE) graduates in future job advertisements. This ensures a wider recognition for IT education in government recruitment processes.

Advocacy for Affected Students

  • Call for Special Consideration: Recognizing the dilemma faced by students who missed out on opportunities due to previous restrictions, there is an ongoing discussion about providing a fair chance to those affected, especially as IT-related government job openings are anticipated to be scarce in the coming years.

This initiative by Tribhuvan University marks a pivotal change in how BCA and other IT-related graduates are perceived within the government sector. It underscores the university's commitment to ensuring equal opportunities for its students and addressing the evolving needs of Nepal's job market. BCA graduates can now look forward to participating more actively in the public sector, contributing their skills and knowledge to the development of the nation's IT infrastructure.

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