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Call for Grant Proposal - University Grants Commission

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Call for Grant Proposal - University Grants Commission:

University Grants Commission, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur call for Proposal: Higher education through programs such as scholarships and grants to students to develop, expand and enhance the overall quality of higher education, renewal of skills and competencies of teachers and staff involved in teaching and learning, research method training, scholarships, scholarships, research assistance, operation, and development grants to community campuses. The Commission has published this public notice to conduct the following programs to enhance the educational, scientific, and physical capacity of the institutions.

Stakeholders who need assistance are advised to submit separate applications and proposals for the following programs in the format prescribed in the Commission's Program Procedure-2077 within the specified time frame. Program Procedure-2077 can be obtained from the Commission's website or from the University Grants Commission.

1) Institutional Development Grants (for affiliated community campuses)

A) Regular grants

Campuses must fill out Online Data before registering to apply for regular grants. For this, the Commission has to go to and fill in the required data using the Username and Password provided to the old campuses. New campuses unable to obtain username and password are requested to obtain username and password by immediately contacting the Monitoring and Evaluation Division of the Commission.

In order to receive regular grants, the minimum number of students should be 60 in Himalayan and hilly districts, 75 in Terai districts, and 100 in Kathmandu Valley. Campuses will have to update the account of Rastriya Banijya Bank (KYC) and provide the account number to the Commission.

B) Physical facility development:

For building construction, book procurement, furniture procurement, equipment procurement, and infrastructure development for extracurricular activities (ECA).

  • The minimum number of students for building construction grants should be 75 in the Himalayan, hilly, and Terai districts and 100 within the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Campuses will be able to apply for a maximum of two titles on a priority basis.

C) Special grants:

Community campuses that have completed two years of formal study and have not received regular grants will be able to apply. The minimum number of students for special grants should be 60 in Himalayan and hilly districts, 75 in Terai districts, and 100 within Kathmandu Valley.

Deadline to Application Submission

  • For Bagmati and Gandaki provinces: 2077-08-15 to 2077-09-20
  • For Provinces 1, 2, and Lumbini: 2077-08-15 to 2077-09-23
  • For Karnali and Sudurpashchim Provinces: 2077-08-15 to 2077-09-26

D) Production and distribution of blind audio materials: Details can be obtained from the website. Deadline to Application Submission: 2077-08-15 to 2077-09-26

2) Quality Improvement Program

Research Support Programs:

A) Scholarship - Ph.D., M.Phil

B) Assistance for the preparation of dissertation - M.Phil and postgraduate level

C) Research Promotion -short Research Development and Innovation Grants, Faculty Research Grants, Collaborative Research Grants,

D) Research Management Unit

E) Support for the establishment of centers of excellence

F) Research support related to Covid 19

G) Innovative technical and scientific research on issues of national importance

Short-term training and capacity building programs:

A) Refresher training, capacity building training, research method training

B) Seminars / Workshops / Conferences / Educational Institutions Industrialists / Business Communication - Local and National level.

C) Visit of a professor in a higher educational institution

D) Educational planning and administration-related training for campus heads

E) University-Community Liaison Program

Annual Other (programs that can be applied throughout the year)

A) Postdoctoral instinct

B) Partial support for doctorate

C) Assistance to the disabled students or for the preparation of research papers

D) Assistance in publishing articles in journals

E) Publication of research articles

F) Patent assistance

G) Assistance to publish Refereed journal

H) Travel grant for participation in meetings/conferences

H) Seminar / Workshop / Conference - International level

J) Overseas travel for special study/research

K) Letter of letter of quality assurance and accreditation

Special Scholarship Programs:

A) Special Scholarships (for Dom, Badi, Chamar, and Musahar communities)

B) Technical teaching manpower development program

C) Scholarships provided to the children of martyrs and conflict victims for higher education

D) Scholarships for students with disabilities, Dalits, and economically deprived students

# Students interested in participating in this program are advised to contact the Commission.

Application registration deadline and for more information: 2077-08-15 to 2077-09-26

P.S.: The documents to be submitted along with the application are given in the schedule of the Commission's Program Procedure-2077 BS. Further information regarding research-related applications can be obtained from "The UGC Research Guidelines, 5th Edition-2019". No action will be taken on overdue and undeveloped applications and others. In case of submission of false details, the Commission will cancel the application and will not give any grant in the future. The arrangement of giving / not giving grant will be as decided by the commission.

For More Information:

University Grants Commission (UGC),

  • Address: Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
  • Phone: 01-6638548, 01-6638549, 01-6638550
  • Fax No.: 01-6638552
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]

(First published on 2077-08-15)