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China Government Scholarship for Nepal Government Employees

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China Government Scholarship for Nepal Government Employees

China Government Scholarship for Nepal Government Employees: Government of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) notice Regarding nomination of staff in MOFCOM / China (2021) Scholarship.

From the decision of this Ministry dated 2078-06-06 to approve the details of the study program received from the Government of China and to nominate the civil servants working in all the bodies (including the Civil Service Act, 2049 (with amendments) as per Article 40B (3). After nominating suitable candidates in the program, send the name, contact number, and email address of the nominated staff to the International Financial Assistance Coordination Division of the Ministry of Finance for the required work and also provide the information of the nominated staff. There is a request.

Also, while nominating candidates for the training and study program, a person unrelated to the program has been nominated and if no confirmation is received from the concerned institution, it has been decided not to include the body in the scholarship twice.

In the nomination of scholarships, it is requested to give preference to the staff on the basis of inclusive service, group and category of inclusive women, Adibasi / Janajati, Madhesi, Dalit, disabled, backward areas and those who have not had the opportunity so far and have worked longest in remote areas.

Eligibility details of the employee can be obtained from the brochure obtained from MOFCOM / China and also from the website of the said body. When re-nominating, only one of the necessary and useful studies with the service, group, and subgroup of the employee should be done.

Download Scholarship Details (PDF):

China Government Scholarship for Nepal Government Employees.Pdf

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