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Film Development Board Scholarship for Nepali Students and Researchers

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Film Development Board Nepal

Film Development Board Scholarship Program for Nepali Students and Researchers

The Film Development Board of Nepal has launched a comprehensive scholarship program to support Nepali students and researchers in film studies. This initiative offers various scholarships for academic dissertations, Darshanacharya dissertations, postgraduate research, graduate studies, and short courses in film-related subjects. Eligible Nepali citizens are encouraged to apply, with specific opportunities available for underrepresented groups including women, Madheshi, Dalit, and tribal students. Applicants must submit required documents such as citizenship certificates, educational qualifications, and research proposals within the specified deadline. This program represents a significant step towards nurturing talent and promoting research in Nepal's burgeoning film industry, providing a platform for aspiring filmmakers and researchers to excel in their field.

Scholarship Categories and Eligibility:

  1. Academic Dissertation Scholarship:

    • For 2 individuals conducting academic research on film-related topics.
  2. Darshanacharya Dissertation Scholarship:

    • Available for 2 individuals working on Darshanacharya dissertations in film-related subjects.
  3. Post Graduate Scholarship:

    • For 2 researchers working on film-related studies.
    • 2 slots for students taking an optional paper on film and writing a research paper.
  4. Graduate Scholarship:

    • 10 scholarships for students at the graduate level with a major in film studies.
    • Divided into 5 open category and 5 reserved scholarships:
      • 3 for Madheshi, Dalit, and tribal students.
      • 2 for female students.
  5. Short Course Scholarship:

    • For 2 students enrolled in a short course focusing on film.

Application Procedure and Deadline:

  • Application Submission: Within 15 days from the first publication of the notice.
  • Last Date of Application: 2080/08/19 (December 5, 2023).
  • Submission Method: Applications can be registered at the board office or via email at [email protected].
  • Email Application Guidelines:
    • Subject format: [Level][FirstName][Year]_[InstitutionName].
    • Attach scanned documents in PDF or JPG format (minimum 200 dpi).
    • Complete documents should be sent in one email.
    • A Rs. 10 postage stamp must be attached to the application form.

Required Documents for Application:

  • Application form with a Rs. 10 postage stamp.
  • Copy of Nepali Citizenship Certificate.
  • Notarized copies of educational qualifications.
  • Scholarship recommendations, if any.
  • Recommendation letters for reserved categories.
  • Approved research proposal for postgraduate and philosophy level.
  • Documents proving film-related work experience.

Download the application form using the link below:

  1. Application form Bachelor and Short-TermCourse,(PDF)
  2. Application form Masters MPhil PHD Course. (PDF)

If you want to fill up application in MS WORD FILE, then Click the following links:

Further Information:

For more details, interested individuals can reach out to the Film Development Board at [email protected] or contact Officer Nita Bimb at 01-4812332.

(Second time published date: 2080/08/05)

(First Time Published Date: 2080/06/24)

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