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Foreign Study/Training Scholarship for Nepal Government Employees

Scholarship 08 Nov 2022 1975 0

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration

The government of Nepal, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Military Administration (MoFAGA) notice a nomination for a foreign study/training scholarship.

In the study/training program according to the schedule, the decision was made according to the schedule from the 355th meeting held on 2079-07-18 of the committee formed according to sub-section (3) of section 40B of the Civil Service Act, 2049 (with amendments); After nominating the appropriate staff in the program, send the name, contact number and email address of the nominated staff to the Ministry of Finance's International Financial Assistance Coordination Division in the case of Serial No. 1 and North East Asia Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case of Serial No. This information has been sent to this Ministry for the necessary action to make arrangements to provide it compulsorily.

In the scholarship nomination, it is requested give preference to the employees who have worked for the longest time in remote areas and those who have worked in remote areas for the longest time, including women, tribals/tribes, Madhesi, Dalits, disabled, backward areas and those who have not had the opportunity so far in the scholarship nomination.

Foreign Study/ training Subject: "Foreign study/ training Subject" MA in Policy Economics" Study

Seat Number: not stated

Deadline: August 2023 through June 2024

Country: USA/ Center for Development Economics, William College

Eligibility Criteria:

- Personnel working at target organizations.

- Practical experience in DRR Odd especially working at governmental agencies.

- Should have an educational background.

- Should have a competent command of spoken and written English.

- Must be in good health.

- Age; 40 years for a doctoral degree

- Must have 5 years of work experience.

Foreign Study/ Training Subject: "Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) leaders Capacity Development the Sendai Framework Implementation" Doctor Degree Study

Seat Number: 2 (1 main and 1 alternative)

Deadline: October 2023 - September 2026 (three years) / January 10, 2023

Country: USA/ Center for Development Economics, William College

Eligibility Criteria:

- Should have a bachelor's degree demonstrating strong academic performance with economics as a major or minor field of study.

- Must have several years of working experience.

- Proficiency in English both spoken and written.

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