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Karnali Province Government to Offers 9 Types of Scholarships

Scholarship 02 Aug 2022 1895 0

The Directorate of Education Development under the Ministry of Social Development of Karnali Province has made a program to distribute nine types of scholarships to be applied throughout Karnali Province from the current financial year. The program has been implemented by approving procedures for the distribution of nine types of scholarships.

The Directorate of Education Development has implemented nine types of scholarship distribution programs by providing scholarships for daughters-in-law, higher education Dalits, higher education disabled, marginalized, endangered, conflict victims, private partner programs, provincial constituencies (residential), higher education technology, and provincial establishment of Martyr's family scholarship. yes

10,000 to 4,000,000 per person is mentioned in the procedure. According to the social development branch of the directorate, the state government will provide scholarships ranging from 10,000 for higher education technical scholarships to 400,000 for doctors.

Information for scholarships has also been released through the Directorate. Applications for nine types of scholarships are reviewed by the scholarship selection committee. Similarly, the Human Resource Development Center, Vocational Skills and Training Coordinating Branch under the Ministry of Social Development said that beautician, irrigation harvesting, plumber, computer, Hojiyari, computer repair, and driving training was conducted in various districts of Karnali targeting the unemployed youth.

Gurans Rural Municipality and Athabis Municipality Dailekh have introduced a policy to provide scholarships for school education and higher education and technical education to the poor, poor, tribals, conflict victims, and disabled students. For the development of the academic sector in Rural Municipality, a scholarship of one lakh will be provided to the students studying Vidyavaridhi, Engineer, Pilot, MPhil.

Similarly, according to the municipality, a scholarship of 10 lakh rupees will be provided to the students studying MBBS doctorate in medical science based on the records of their admission to the respective college or university.

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