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Pokhara University Bachelor Level Scholarship Awarded List 2079

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Pokhara University Notices

Pokhara University published a notice regarding the publication of Awarded List (Program and College) to the Pokhara University Undergraduate Scholarship Selection Committee.

(a) Pokhara University Undergraduate Scholarship Selection Committee, 2079 Dated 28/06/2019 for Science and Technology Faculty Group (A), Science and Technology Faculty Group-B), Administration Faculty and Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Scholarship Selection Admission test included in the merit list and from date 2079/07/26 to date 2079/08/02 Schedule-4 Filled the online form if you want to study in one faculty maximum 3 years educational program and one educational program maximum 3 Based on the details filled in the names of the eligible educational institutions, the committee will publish all the relevant information related to the Scholarship Awarded List as per Pokhara University Scholarship Rules, 2065 (Rule 143).

The candidates included in the published Scholarship Awarded List, who have applied online themselves, have been transferred to the colleges (college placements) mainly on the basis of the scores obtained by them. In relation to the time given for admission to the relevant educational programs and educational institutions, the information will be sent through another notice only after the time period given for the protest period.

If the documents submitted by the candidates included in the published Scholarship Awarded List are proven to be false during the investigation at any time, such candidates will be removed from the scholarship at any time.

If there is any ambiguity regarding the published Scholarship Awarded List, send a written request to [email protected] by the date 2079-08-22. The request will be made only on the subject matter which is appropriate and necessary according to the rules. Name, User ID, Roll Number, Score Marks, and Mobile Number must be mentioned compulsorily in the application form.

Published information and complete details are available on the University website www. and scholarship branches are included at Related candidates have to check the details given in the link. Also, if any mistake or wrong detail has been included in the published Scholarship Award List, the right to correct it rests with the Selection Committee.

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Pokhara University Scholarship in Nepal Pokhara
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