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Suwal International College Announces Scholarship Application for Bachelor and Master Level

Scholarship 16 Sep 2022 1430 0

Suwal International College

Suwal International College Announces Scholarship Application for Bachelor and Master Level: Suwal International College Announces Scholarship Application: Nepal is the land of diversities. Therefore, in order to bring unity, education is a means for emotional integration. We cannot do without any kind of education. Education is the ground solution for all problems, Education is an essential aspect of human development.

Education is a means of achieving a world of peace, justice, freedom, and equality for all. Thus, education is extremely necessary for all. No good life is possible without education. Keeping it in mind, Suwal International College is announcing scholarships nationwide for 2 students in each Programs

(A) Diploma of Engineering,

(B) Diploma of Medical,

(C) Bachelor of Engineering,

(D) Bachelor of Medical,

(E) Other Bachelor's programs and

(F) Master Programs.

The total scholarship is announced for 12 students. Students should be passed by getting more than a 2.1 GPA in your Nagar or Gaupalika. For scholarships, a reference letter from Nagarpalika or Gaupalika is needed. This is the helping hand for the giant leap of the Nation.

Most Nepalese people are poor and unable to afford their children for higher studies. This idea propels me to decide it. Hard, laborious, and thoughtful action creates fruitful results for the nation in the future.

Your kind cooperation ire this regard will be highly appreciated.

Dr. Prakash Suwal Principal Suwal International College Ghalate, Suryabinayak, Bhaktapura 1 Contact No: 01-6619977: 01-6619978 mobil . • 

Suwal International College

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Phone No: 01-6619977, 01-6619978

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