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WWF Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Scholarship 2021

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Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Scholarship

WWF Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Scholarship 2021

Since 2004, Dr. Bowling was been responsible for the management of all international work at WWF UK. Previously deputy of forestry for WWF International where she focused on forest restoration, fire, and protected areas.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Bowling graduated with honors in Zoology and a Ph.D. in human sciences from Australian National University. She worked in the Australian Public Service, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet from 1988 to 1989 when she moved to Oregon where she became the director of state forest lands and faced the challenge of providing habitat for the endangered northern spotted owl while also providing revenues to local governments from timber harvesting.

In 1997 Dr. Bowling moved to Switzerland and served for 5 years as the director of the global forest program for the International Federation of Building and Wood Workers, and the international federation of more than 300 trade unions from the construction, wood, and forest sectors where she rallied members to engage in sustainable use of the environment.

While educated in Australia Jill had dual Swiss and Australian nationality. She was married to Rodolph Schlaepfer and had permanent residence in Switzerland.

Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Scholarship:

In honor of Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer and her life-long commitment to conservation, WWF has established a memorial scholarship fund that will provide financial assistance to students from Nepal who are currently employed in or intend to pursue careers in nature conservation. Recognizing the tremendous loss of leadership with Jill’s untimely and tragic death, through this fund WWF will help build a new generation of conservation leaders to take on the many challenges facing Nepal in preserving its rich natural heritage.

To encourage bright and promising students from Nepal to continue or pursue careers in nature conservation, each year WWF will award one scholarship, in the name of Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer who would like to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the field of environment and biodiversity conservation in Nepal.


The scholarship recipient will receive Nepali Rupees. 569,400.00 over a period of 4 years to cover tuition, field equipment, and field tour fees, living expenses, books and supplies, and thesis research costs while pursuing their bachelor’s degree in a conservation-related field at a university in Nepal. Scholars will also have the opportunity to interact with WWF staff on conservation projects in Nepal. WWF reserves the sole right to reduce or split the scholarship amount between deserving candidates if needed. 


All Nepali citizens who have applied or have been admitted to a Bachelor's degree program in a conservation-related field at a university in Nepal are eligible to apply. Students must be in their first year/semester of study.


Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Memorial scholar is selected through a competitive, merit-based process. A selection committee is convened to review all eligible applications, interview candidates, and select a pool of finalists. Finalists are chosen based on the following criteria:


  • Applicants will be judged on their academic achievement (SLC & 10+2 or equivalent results) and motivation and commitment to conservation in Nepal and performance during the personal interview.
  • Preference will be given to applicants from regions where WWF has active field projects.

An independent selection committee will review all eligible applications and select the person who best fulfills these requirements as the winner of the Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Memorial Scholarship.

Application Instructions:

Please be sure to follow all steps below when applying for a WWF Memorial Scholarship.

  • Complete all pages of the application form.
  • Type your name at the top right corner of each page of the application form.
  • Sign the "Applicant Agreement" page (Section V of the application).
  • Email or send the application along with two letters of recommendation, your academic transcripts and certificates, citizenship certificate, and examination scores to the address below.

Application Checklist

  • A complete application consists of several documents. Be sure to include all of the following with your application to ensure you will be considered for a scholarship.
  • Completed application form including the signed Personal Service Agreement and signed Applicant Acceptance Agreement.
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers, community leaders, employers, etc.  Recommendation letters from family members will not be accepted. 
  • A copy of your academic transcripts and certificates.
  • A copy of the citizenship certificate.
  • Proof of admission to the Bachelor of Science degree program or proof of application to this program.

The application deadline for Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Memorial Scholarship is 5th April 2021

Please send your application to:

Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Memorial Scholarship

WWF Nepal Program

Baluwatar, Post Box 7660

Kathmandu, Nepal


Send an email with the subject line “Jillian Bowling Schlaepfer Memorial Scholarship 2020/21” to: [email protected]