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Gandaki Polytechnic Institute Vacancy for Automobile Instructor, Bus Driver, Helper and Office Helper

Vacancy 31 Jul 2022 759 0


Gandaki Polytechnic Institute, Pokhara Notification of Staffing Requirements: For Gandaki Polytechnic Institute, as various (positions), the following number and qualifications of employees are to be kept under a service contract; This notification has been published for all the concerned Nepali citizens who have reached the eligibility to submit their application along with the receipt of revenue payment by 2:00 PM on 7 (seven) date 2079-04-22 from the date of publication of this notification. Detailed information including form, application form, job description, remuneration, and service conditions will be available from the office or from the website

Automobile Instructor -1 
Bus Driver- 1
Bus Helper -1
Office Helper -

2) Minimum qualification:

1) Nepalese citizen.

2) In the case of Serial Number 1, 3 and 4, 21 years of age and not exceeding 35 years of age (40 years in the case of women), having a bus driver's license in the case of a driver, having at least five years of experience as a bus driver.

3) Not disqualified by the prevailing law in Nepal.

4) To be attached to the application: candidate's personal details, a certified copy of Nepali citizenship certificate, a certified copy of educational qualification (mandatory in the case of required positions), a certified copy of experience, and a certified copy of registration in various councils or councils or others according to prevailing Nepalese laws. All copies to be submitted must be signed and verified by the candidate himself.

5) Service facility: According to the rules of the school

6) Method of selection:

In the case of 1 Sr.No.: written and interview,

In the case of Sr.No.: Practical Trial and Interview

In the case of Sr. No. 3 and 4: Interview

7) Place of application submission: Pokhara Metropolitan City Education Division, Damside Pokhara

8) Bank Details, Kamana Seva Development Bank, Lekhnath Branch, 01200300348184000001

(Gandaki Polytechnic Institute)

Contact No. : 061458082,

Contact date: Monday 23-04-2079

(Date of information published for the first time: 2079-04-15, Sunday)

Gandaki Pradesh Pokhara Job Vacancy