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National Judicial Academy Vacancy for Various Positions 2080

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National Judicial Academy Rastriya Nyayik Pratisthan

National Judicial Academy (Rastriya Nyayik Pratishthan) Accnounces Vacancy for Various Positions 2080

The National Judicial Academy (Rastriya Nyayik Pratishthan) announces vacancies for various positions to be filled through performance evaluation and open competition, as authorized by the Public Service Commission. This recruitment initiative aims to attract qualified candidates to join the esteemed institution, offering a pathway to permanent employment.

Key Details for Applicants:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Candidates interested in applying must submit detailed applications, including copies of Nepali citizenship, educational qualifications, training, and experience certificates.
  • Application Submission: Applications should be submitted to the institute's office along with the necessary documents as per the prescribed form.

Vacancy Positions:

  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Deputy Director (Business Development Administrator)
  • Research/ Training Management/ Section Officer
  • Research/Training Management/Section Officer
  • Office/Research/ Training Management Assistant
  • Library Assistant

Advertisement Special Notice:

  • The recruitment will proceed as per the Supreme Court's directives issued on 2079/10/24, addressing Writ No. 078-WO-0660.

Important Examination Information:

  1. Examination Format: Candidates will undergo a selection process that includes Written, Practical, and Interview stages.
  2. Examination Authority: The Public Service Commission will conduct the written exams, with schedules to be announced on the commission's and the National Judicial Institute's websites.
  3. Examination Language: Exams will be conducted in either Nepali, English, or both, as specified in the syllabus.
  4. Application Fee: Fees vary by position level, with specific rates provided for different classes of officers and assistants. Payment should be made to the National Judicial Academy's account at Global I.M.E. Bank Ltd., with a copy of the payment voucher required with the application.
  5. Application Deadline: Deadlines vary for open competition and promotion-based applications, with specific windows provided for both. Applicants must also adhere to the document verification and submission guidelines.
  6. Age Requirements: There are specific age criteria for different positions, catering to various categories, including gender and disability considerations.

Application Submission Guidelines:

  • Deadline Adherence: Applications received after the specified deadlines will not be considered, emphasizing the importance of timely submission.
  • Accessing Forms and Syllabus: Prospective candidates can download the necessary application forms and detailed syllabus from the official website at, ensuring preparation aligns with the defined criteria.
  • Educational Equivalency: For degrees obtained from foreign institutions, candidates must include a certified equivalency determination with their application, ensuring their qualifications meet the Academy's standards.
  • Compensation Package: Successful candidates will receive salaries and benefits according to the institution's established policies, reflecting the commitment to fair and competitive remuneration.
  • Probation Period: The Academy enforces a probationary period—six months for women and one year for men—to assess new employees' performance and fit within the organization.

Special Documentation for Inclusive Recruitment:

  • Inclusion of Madhesi Candidates: Individuals identifying as Madhesi must present official verification from a recognized institution, following a gazette notification by the Government of Nepal, to support their application.
  • Consideration of Service Duration: Time spent in double-duty roles will not count towards the calculation of age, educational qualifications, training, experience, or service length requirements.

Application Process and Regulations:

  • Compliance with Application Procedures: Applications must adhere strictly to the outlined procedures. Non-compliant applications are subject to cancellation without a refund of the examination fee.
  • Additional Requirements and Legal Compliance: For aspects not explicitly covered in the notice, the recruitment, salary, and benefits will be governed by the National Judicial Foundation's regulations and prevailing laws.

Key Reminders for Applicants:

The National Judicial Academy's recruitment process is designed to select highly qualified candidates through a transparent and merit-based evaluation. Candidates are urged to carefully review all requirements, prepare thoroughly for the examination stages, and ensure their applications are complete and submitted in accordance with the outlined procedures. This approach not only showcases the candidate's diligence but also aligns with the Academy's commitment to excellence and integrity in the judicial system.

Contact Information:

  • Location: Tarakeshwar - 10, Manmaiju, Kathmandu
  • Phone: 01 - 4027449

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