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Nepal Army Vacancy for Sainya and Various Trade Followers 2081

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Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army Vacancy for Sainya and Various Trade Followers 2081

Nepal Army Recruitment Selection Directorate Jangi Adda invites applications for the posts of followers of the military (Sainya) and various trades. Nepali Army's official website is to fill the vacant posts of military and various trades (BakaSi, Suchikar, cleaners, tanners, blacksmiths) within the approved posts of the Nepali Army through an open and inclusive competition.

The candidate should fill out the online application form from np print out the hard copy and submit it to the designated admission center or the candidate should attend the admission center and fill out the application form in case of follower posts of various trades, the candidate should attend the admission center and fill the application form Rs.10/- (ten ) are invited to apply for stamp duty.

Required number of posts and admission selection centers

(a) Military posts (Sainya Post): Advertisement No.080/81/66

Recruitment Centres:

  • Shree Upatya Pritna Headquarters, Narayanhiti Barracks, Kathmandu (01-5979376, 01-4443400)
  • Shree Indradhwaj Gan, Laxmandanda Barracks, Sindhupalchok (011-620094)
  • Shree East Pritna Headquarters, Itahari Barracks, Sunsari (025-584933)
  • Shree No 18 Bahini Adda, Gaighat, Udaipur (035-420556, 035-420565)
  • Shree Ransher Gan, Odin Barracks, Panchthar (024-522123)
  • Shree Naya Bhairavidal Gulm, Khandwari Barracks, Sankhuwasabha (029-562131)
  • Shree Middle East Pritna Headquarters Bardiwas, Mahottari (044-590081, 9766325906) Shree No. 9 Bahini Adda, Majhitar Barracks, Sindhuli (047-520131)
  • Shree No. 28 Bahini Adda, Jeetpur Barracks, Bara (051-591797, 9865361036) Shree Madhya Pritna Headquarters Hetauda, Makwanpur (057-419015, 057-419000) Shree Nayan Sabuj Gan, Bharatpur Barracks, Chitwan (056-493677)
  • Shree West Pritna Headquarters, Bijaypur Barracks, Kaski (061-411311, 061-411675 )
  • Shree No. 23 Bahini Adda, Sheradil Barracks, Baglung (068-521194)
  • Shree Central West Pritna Headquarters, Yogikuti Barracks, Butwal (071-419210, 071-419209)
  • Shree Ransinghdal Gan, Bharatpur Barracks, Dong (082-561063)
  • Shree North West Pritna Headquarters, Nimare Barracks, Surkhet (083- 414045, 083- 414023)
  • Shree No.4 Bahini Adda, Imamnagar Barracks, Nepalganj, Banke (081-565297)
  • Shree No. 24 Bahini Adda, Devaldanda Barracks, Jumla (087-520474)
  • Shree Sudur West Pritna Headquarters, Teghri Barracks, Kailali (091-550757)
  • Shree No. 5 Bahini Adda, Rajpur Barracks, Doti (094-440430, 094-440424) Shree Gurugorakh Gulm, Khalanga Barracks, Darchula (093-420200)

(b) Various Trade Followers Posts: Advertisement No. (Ba.Ka.Si. 080/81/67, Suchikar-080/81/68, Safaikarmi-080/81/69, Charmakarmi-080/81/70, Lohakar-080/81/71)

  • Shree Upatyaka Pritna Hq., Narayanhiti Barracks, Kathmandu (01-5979376, 01-4443400)
  • Shree Purbi Pritna Hq., Ithari Barracks, Sunsari (025-584933)
  • Madhya Paschim Pritna Hq., Yogikuti Barracks, Butwal (071-419210, 071-419209)
  • Sudur Paschim Pritna Hq., Teghri Barracks, Kailali (091-550757)

3) Date and place of submission of application form:

(a) Date of submission of application: From 2081/01/07 to 2081/02/05 and double fee submission from 2081/02/06 to 2081/02/12 during office hours.

(b) If the last date falls on a public holiday, the application form can be registered on the day after which the office opens.

(c) Place: concerned recruitment selection centers.

4) Application fee:

 While submitting the application form for military post Rs. 150.- (Rupees one hundred and fifty only) and for the post of followers of various trades Rs. 100.- (one hundred rupees only) must be paid. But the same advertisement no. If applying in more than one group, an additional fee of 20% will be charged for each group. The bank account number, office code and revenue title number-14224 specified by the respective admission centers should be deposited in the exam fee account and the gross receipt and copy of the same should be submitted to the admission center along with 1/1 (one/one) application form.

5) Eligibility Required:

(a) Minimum Educational Qualification

For Sainya Post:

(a) Must have passed class 8 (eight). Those who have passed class 9 (ninth) and 10 (ten) must also submit the certificate of educational qualification of class 8 (eight) and a minimum 2 GPA must be mandatory in the certificate of class 8 (eight) and less than D+ in any subject. Shouldn't happen.

(b) A minimum of 2 GPA must be mandatory in the certificate of higher educational qualification and not less than D+ in any subject out of the certificates submitted by the applicants of SLC/SEE or above.

(c) In case of a certificate issued as per Letter Grading Guideline, 2078, in case of educational qualification of Class 8 and SEE, minimum GPA-2 or above and must have received an original certificate. In case of class 12 educational qualification, GPA-1.6 or above and must have obtained original certificate. According to this, the candidates submitting the certificate should submit a copy of the certificate of all the educational qualifications obtained including SLC/SEE.

For Trade Followers Post: Literate (able to read and write)

6) Physical Eligibility Required

For Sainya Post:


(a) Height: Minimum 5 feet 3 inches

(b) Chest: Minimum 32 inches uninflated and minimum 34 inches inflated

(c) Weight: Minimum 50 kg (110 lb)


(a) Height: Minimum 5 feet

(b) Weight: Minimum 40 kg. (88 pounds)

For Various Trade Followers:


(a) Height: Minimum 5 feet 2 inches

(b) Chest: Minimum 30 inches uninflated and minimum 32 inches inflated

(c) Weight: Minimum 50 kg. (110 pounds)


(a) Height: Minimum 4 feet 10 inches

(b) Weight: Minimum 40 kg. (88 pounds)

If you use glasses, your eyes should not be weaker than +-2.

(c) Other qualifications

(1) Candidates for the mentioned positions have been found qualified by medical examination, have not been punished by the court for criminal charges of moral turpitude, are not currently members of any political party, are not involved in any criminal activities or not, are not members of any organizations with subversive aims or are not accused of espionage against Nepal. They should not have been punished, they should not have been punished for violating human rights and humanitarian laws, and they should not have been dismissed from the service in order to be disqualified for government service in the future. In the case of other qualifications, it should be as mentioned in "Soldier Service Regulations, 2069" and "Enrollment Selection Guide, 2071".

(2) Followers of military and various trades should be unmarried for the posts (except retired military personnel).

6) Age limit:

 Candidates should be as below age till the last date of submission of application 2081/02/05.

Military Post (Male/Female): Must be 18 years of age and not more than 22 years of age and in the case of Nepali Army serving candidates not more than 26 years of age.

Followers of various trades (Male/Female): Must be 18 years old and not more than 26 years old.

7) For Nepali Army Incumbent Candidates:

a) Minimum service period of 1 year should be completed on the last date of submission of application on 2081/02/05.

b) The recommendation of the unit head must be submitted.

8) Necessary documents to be included with the application:

Copies of the following documents should be attested by the candidates themselves and submitted at the rate of 1/1 (one/one) in the Nepali file. Cremated and duplicate certificates will not be accepted. All the documents to be submitted should be brought with you on the application day.

(a) Certificate of Nepalese citizenship.

(b) Certificates of qualification of all educational levels, character certificates and original/provisional certificates.

(c) In the case of those who have obtained degrees from other boards and universities apart from universities in Nepal, they must submit a certificate of equivalency determination from TU.

(d) Apart from educational qualifications, other certificates obtained by him (extra activities) and certificates related to various subjects, if any.

(e) Physically disabled due to any bodily injury sustained during military training or in the performance of duty and in the course of duty.

In the case of descendants of deceased Nepali soldiers, the following additional documents should be verified and submitted by the concerned candidates themselves

(1) The name should be included in the list of needs of support published by the Ceremony Management Directorate or the pension entitlement letter.

(Pension Lease) 1 (one) attested copy of the statement of invalidity or invalidity.

(2) In the case of the guarantor, copy of the recommendation letter of the Medical Board as per Rule 107 of the Military Service Rules, 2069.

(3) 1 (one) copy of the certificate of relationship with the concerned respondent.

9) Photograph: A recent passport size photograph of the candidate with a clearly visible full face (including both ears) (in case of male) beard and hair cut) per-4 (four) and 2x2 size photograph per-1 (one) should be submitted along with the application.

10) Contact date and place for examination: Date 2081/02/20 at 1100 hours at the concerned recruitment center where the application has been submitted.

11) Selection Process: The following selection process will be conducted.

(a) Military posts: The selection test will consist of wearing and preliminary health test, physical test, written test, health test and interview. (b) Posts of

followers of various trades: Selection of candidates during selection examination and preliminary health examination, physical examination, practical Examination (except Ba.Ka.Si.) health test and interview will be conducted.

(c) The standards of wearing and physical examination for the posts of military and followers of various

trades have been placed in the advertisement of the website.

(d) The selection test of the candidates will be conducted at the respective recruitment centers.

12) Salary, Allowance, Ration and other facilities: It will be according to the prevailing rules and regulations in Nepali Army.

13) Other conditions:

(a) A person working in the Government of Nepal or other semi-governmental organization should submit departmental approval while applying.

(B) Direct Combat Duties/Close Combat Role in the case of women.

Apart from the Nepali Army agencies, they will be included in the Nepali Army agencies that perform Combat Related Duties/Combat Support/Combat Service Support (the work of providing service and support to the troops directly involved in the battle).

(c) Conditions other than clauses (a) and (b) are placed in the advertisement of the Nepali Army website.

14) Information regarding online application form filling (for military posts only):

(a) Recruitment & Selection within JOIN NEPALI ARMY by visiting the official website of Nepali Army Click on "Apply Online".

(b) The following details are required to fill out the online application form.

(4) Family details

(1) Details of Nepalese citizenship

(2) Personal details

(3) Educational details

(c) Initially filled by the candidate based on details such as age, educational qualification, and citizenship of the applicant while filling the online application form.

Only in the case of achieving the minimum qualification, they will be admitted to the forms to be filled after that. After that, the candidate should submit his personal Details, family details and educational details should be filled in Nepali Unicode Kalimati font. Rate with the details of the candidate Download the application form and admit card in PDF format, save and print.

(d) Candidates have to affix the photograph, postage stamp on the printed application form and submit it to the recruitment center of their choice within the specified date. Any candidate has to submit the application form online within the first 30 days period and submit the form along with the printout of the same within the same period.

If a candidate submits the application form online only and does not submit the form with its printout, the form submitted only online will not be recognized.

If there is any technical difficulty in filling the online application form, you can express your difficulty by going to "Request for Help".

You can also go to "Frequently Asked Questions" to get information about your difficulty.

(e) According to the order of mandate issued on 24.10.2079, in the petitions for transfer including the writ number 078-WO-0382, out of the total posts that will be maintained after the necessary legal arrangements are made regarding the inclusive group, according to the ratio of the posts belonging to the inclusive group, A.W.079 / 80 due to not being included in the positions lost, including compensation for damages

15) Special Notice:

Nepali Army, Recruitment Selection Directorate, Executive Department, Military Base, Kathmandu also opposed by the Honorable Supreme Court.

This notification has been published for the filling of the post in accordance with the law in force. 16. The details of this advertisement and all the information related to the selection test can be seen in the official portal of Shree Recruitment and Selection Directorate at under VACANCY & REQUIREMENTS and Syllabus ARMY SYLLABUS.

Also, if you need to get some more information, you are informed to contact the recruitment selection centers available during office hours.

(First Published Date: 2081/01/07)

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