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Province 1 Public Service Commission Vacancy for 4th and 5th Level Engineering Services

Vacancy 12 Apr 2021 45282 0

Public Service Commission Province 1 vacancy for 4th and 5th Level Engineering Services

Province 1 Public Service Commission Vacancy for 4th and 5th Level Engineering Services:

Province Public Service Commission, Province No. 1, Biratnagar, Nepal, (Information Communication Technology and Publications Branch)
Advertisement of open and inclusive competitive written examination for technical posts of various service groups of local government service

Applications are invited from the following qualified candidates as there is an internal competition for the following service, group, subgroup, and level posts in the local government service, open and inclusive posts have to be filled through competitive examination. Candidates who have reached the specified minimum qualification should download the application form from the Commission's website, put the required educational qualification and other documents in the file, open all the details on the cover of the file and register the application form at the specified place.

The selection of the candidates selected from the competitive examination will be recommended at the local level according to the order of priority. Candidates recommended in this way will be given permanent appointments by the concerned local level. Terms of service and salary and other facilities will be in accordance with the prevailing law.

Vacancy Details:

4th Level
Position Types Req. No.
Assistant Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) Internal Competition 9
Assistant Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) Open 25
Assistant Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) Women 11
Assistant Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) Adivasi Janajati 4
Assistant Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) Madheshi 1
5th Level
Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) Open 22
Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) Women 9
Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) Adivasi Janajati 1

Written Exam Schedule:

Position Level Date
Assistant Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) 4th Level 2078-02-21 Friday, 4:00 PM
Sub Engineer (Civil Engineering) 5th Level 2078-02-22 Friday, 4:00 PM

Type of examination: Written, Interview.

Examination Center: Province No. 1, Biratnagar

Examination Fee: Rs. 300 (three hundred only) for Assistant Level 4th level open and Rs. 150 (one hundred and fifty only) per group for inclusive group and Rs. 400 (four hundred only) for Assistant 5th Level and an additional Rs. 200 (two hundred only) per group for inclusive groups

Last date to apply: 2078/01/19 and double fee paid till 2078/01/26.

The place to submit application fee:

  • Rastriya Banijya Bank, Account No. 1000100201010001 or
  • Nepal Bank Limited, Account No. 27002000001001000001 or
  • Agriculture Development Bank, Account No. 0601601613036017
  • Office Code: 2100013011 (State Public Service Commission, State No. 1, Biratnagar)
  • The application should be submitted along with the bank voucher copy of the gross revenue submitted in Revenue Title No. 14224 (Examination Fee).

Age limit of the candidate:

  • 18 years of age and not exceeding 35 years by 2078-01-19 and not exceeding 40 years in the case of women and disabled candidates.
  • According to the Employees Adjustment Act, 2075 BS, there will be no age limit for the employees of the Provincial Civil Service and Local Government Services who have been integrated into Province No. 1 and the permanent employees working at the local level of Province No. 1 from the past. In addition, according to Section 87 of the Local Government Operation Act, 2074, in the case of employees working continuously at the local level of Province No. 1 before 2074/06/29, temporary and contract employees appointed at the local level not included in the advertisement of Public Service Commission of Jestha 15, 2076. There will be no age limit for once.

Place of submission of application: Applications can be submitted to the Home and Small Industries Offices of Ilam, Dhankuta, Khotang, and Okhaldhunga districts of Province No. 1 and to the Provincial Public Service Commission, Province No. 1, Biratnagar.

Documents to be submitted: The candidate should submit a copy of Nepali citizenship, educational qualification, inclusive group opening documents, and other documents specified in the relevant advertisement. As per Article 87 of the Local Government Operation Act, 2074 BS, the employees who have been working continuously at the local level of Province No. 1 before 2074-06-29 will have to submit the details of their work certified by the concerned local level.

The candidate himself should be fully accountable for the details mentioned in the application.

The date of the interview will be announced when the result of the written test is published.

Job Description: As per local level law.

Salary: As specified by the local level.

Minimum Qualification Required:

Must have obtained the following minimum educational qualifications as prescribed in the Civil Service Act and Rules.

1) Assistant Sub Engineer, Level 4, Engineering Service, Civil Group: Passed SLC or similar from a recognized educational institution and trained in a related subject or passed TSLC in related subject from a technical school.

2) Sub Engineer, Level 5, Engineering Service, Civil Group: Certificate level in Civil Engineering subject from a recognized educational institution, or similar.

Note: In the case of candidates who pass the entrance examination (SLC or equivalent) after the implementation of the grading system, those who get GPA 2 or above, and in case of candidates who pass the Secondary Education Examination (SLCE), each of the subjects of class 11 and 12 (theoretical and experimental) Those who have obtained minimum D + and CGPA 1.6 will be considered to have obtained the relevant educational qualification.

Additional Note:

A) In case of advertisement requiring a period of experience: The minimum service period should have been completed by the last date of application for the post concerned. The duration of the double fee will not be calculated for the purpose of age, educational qualification, experience period, and other qualifications.

B) As there is no provision to be a candidate for the same level post, the application of such a candidate will not be accepted.

C) Applications that have not been submitted within the time limit prescribed by the Commission, or have not met the minimum qualifications, or other specified details have not been disclosed, or have not paid the prescribed fee will not be accepted.

D) Candidate seeking Assistant Writer should contact the office of the Commission at least 7 (seven) days before the commencement of the written examination. Otherwise, the Commission will not be obliged to provide supporting authors.

E) Candidates who pass the written test should submit a certificate of educational qualification, certificate of Nepali citizenship, the service experience is required before submitting to the interview. photocopies of the required documents must be submitted.

F) Must have attained the prescribed educational qualification by the last date of application. Candidates who have studied in a foreign institution should have determined the equivalent of the qualification they have obtained from the concerned body.

G) In the examination, the examinee must use only black ink, otherwise the answer sheet will remain.

H) Curriculum can be obtained from the Commission's website

I) The full details of the advertised posts and related local levels can be found on the website of the Commission.


4th and 5th Level Syllabus

Application Form.pdf


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